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Interview with ArnoCorps (The Greatest Interview of All Time) – Podcast 6

Posted by rich on November 15, 2005

Well, fancy seeing you here again. So, in light of the recent “special” elections held in California we decided it was time to sit and talk with a political band. We thought long and hard about it and decided the best band to talk to about all things relating to our state, our governor and all things ballsy is “The Greatest Band of All Time” ArnoCorps.

But, how does one define ArnoCorps? To some who have only seen pictures, a gimmick band, perhaps. A group of adults who dress in fatigues and talk in Austrian accents. To those who have heard them, musicians. A band of guys who write good music with humorous lyrics that seemingly follow the plot of Schwarzenegger movies. But, to those who have seen them and experienced “The Pump”, they are a band of god damn hero’s who have come to save us from mediocre music with songs of ballsy defiance.

ArnoCorps not only plays every live show like their lives depend on rocking harder than hell, they also work to bring excitement to the atmosphere of the show. From the first band that plays ArnoCorps can be seen (in full uniform) drinking, singing, and dancing as every band before them plays. Between sets the band talks with fans and encourages everyone to enjoy the show as much as possible. And even if you don’t approach them there is a good chance Holzfeuer my simply approach you.

I hope you enjoy the awesome insanity that is this interview, it is truly one of the most unique and humorous interviews I’ve been a part of. As always, please hit us up on our comments section or e-mail us at I know someone out there thinks they can do this better and we want to know how. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments or if you just want to tell us that ArnoCorps rocks (but we do already know that). So drop us a line and tune back in next Tuesday as we continue to work to bring you great new bands, so you can be lazy.

Interview with Western Addiction – Podcast 5

Posted by rich on November 8, 2005

Another week, another fully ground breaking episode hear at SSR. We had the high honor of not only talking with a majority of the members in one of Fat Wreck Chords newest bands, but we also conducted said interview in Fat HQ. That’s right, the multibillion dollar industry behemoth opened their doors to us and we even got a personal tour from Jason of Western Addiction. Let me just tell you now Fat HQ is pretty much just the way you would envision it, from the leopard and zebra print carpet, right down to the heated toilet seat in the otherwise unsuspecting restroom.

But enough giving you a peak at the high life (besides if you were important enough Fat would have let you into their inner sanctum). This interview is hands down my favorite in our short history. The guys in Western Addiction are funny, interesting, and most of all they can talk your ear off. Well, maybe not all of them, but certainly Chicken. In all honesty, this is a band I was really excited to talk to, and after talking to them I can see they are honest guys who really love what they do.

If you get the chance check them out live, since they have a bunch of shows coming up with Propaghandi (check their website). Also, if you’re still not sure if you want to pick up their album check out the compilation Protect that they’re on it’s a good cause and it’s cheap. Feel free to hit us up on the comment section or at, especially if you want us to waste your bands time.

Interview with Mike Park – Podcast 4

Posted by rich on November 1, 2005

Before we kick this week off I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Belated Halloween. This is clearly one of the best holidays, featuring no crappy religious overtones and offering free candy. I hope everyone had a great time, and didn’t get too drunk and/or stuffed with candy and pumpkin related food items.

So this week we shared couch space with the legendary “nice guy” Mike Park. Before we dive into this interview let me say, Mike seems to be more of a “normal” than a “nice” guy. That isn’t to say he’s mean but he doesn’t come off as trying to be overtly nice. More than anything Mike Park just seems at ease with himself and his surroundings. He seemed to treat us with great respect and talked to us like people and not some nerds trying to conduct a silly interview. Perhaps that’s the discrepancy; Mike Park is a genuinely good human not merely some “nice guy”.

Anyhow, enough philosophical crap. Along with being easy to get along with Mike has some great stories and even better causes, all of which we talk about in here. Please check out Asian Man Records and Plea for Peace, both companies are worthy of your money, I promise.

In a somewhat related issue, in this interview I make mention of Springman Records having some difficulties. I have no urge to start internet rumor mills turning, but I will say my extent of Springman’s problems come from their distributor issues (which they’ve talked about) and a message board conversation with Avi (seen here). I do not know how the label is doing at this exact moment but I certainly wish them all the best.

So be sure to catch us next week when we should have an interview with one of Fat Wreck Chords newest bands Western Addiction. Until then please feel free to hit us up at, or on or comments section.