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Interview with Jason Webley – Podcast 14

Posted by rich on January 31, 2006

So Happy Chinese New Year! Though I’m not Chinese I’d like to believe my insatiable love of their food would qualify for reason to cheer. Another reason to cheer is this week’s interview with sing/songwriter/accordionist/vegetable rights activist Jason Webley. I’ve been a huge fan of Jason’s work for the last few years so I leapt and grabbed at the opportunity to talk to him, even if it was in a shady basement, in a shady area of shady San Francisco (it was quite dark with all that shade).

Honestly though, I was super stoked about this interview. And what’s cooler is I got to do it in nearly an ideal setting, the creepy basement of some hole-in-the-wall club that was illuminated solely by red lights. Sure it was a strange location but it seemed to ooze the perfect atmosphere for Jason. So trust me when I say that this is an interview you want to listen to if you’re a fan of Jason Wesley or if you just want to hear a guy who’s freakin’ awesome.

So enjoy and be sure to push us on your friends like dope. Honestly, send them a link to our site in e-mails and IM’s. To make sure they open it give it some heading like “Every time this is Forwarded little Jimmy gets a new spleen” and then tack some line on the end about how if it’s not forwarded to 10 people the Ghost of Kwanza Past will haunt them. Or you could just post on our comments section, send us an e-mail at or find us on MySpace. We know how many of you listen to this (we have our ways) now pony up and start earning your free weekly music. Till next week.

P.S. we’d also like to mention the name of Mr. Webley’s proposed record label is not “Beep”. We were simply asked to remove the name, to avoid potential complications while Jason finalizes securing it. So, we know something you don’t. Nah nah nah nah nah nah.

Interview with Shinobu – Podcast 13

Posted by rich on January 24, 2006

So, another week, another amazing new artist. This week we sat down in our studio (oh that’s right bitches we have a studio more on that later) with the South Bay’s very on Shinobu. Now, I came across these guys on one of the overly awesome Springman Records compilations. I was really impressed by their music and I was really surprised to learn they weren’t signed or bigger than they were. I knew it was our mission to sit down, interview and exploit Shinobu for all they’re worth before they blow up. So in a year’s time, when these guys are blowing up like your girlfriends waistline, you’ll know where you heard them first.

As for what it was like talking to them, I was really surprised. For making such rocking music they’re all pretty normal. Well, as normal as you can be for a band named after an anime cartoon that also has a member who is a video game tester. Still, you’re more likely to find these guys hanging out at your local arcade or midnight movie than at some awesome club or swarmed by groupies. Also, they love porn. Seriously, I think the topic of porn comes up no less than about 30 times in this interview, it’s insane.

In other news, we actually do have a studio…Well, sort of. See Nariman (the killer sound guy/sex symbol) runs a business that requires a warehouse and he’s nice enough to let me bring this fuck up of an experiment into the office. So if you want us to interview your band but you’re afraid we’ll stalk you, now you can come to our office and we’ll never know where you live! So now you bitches have no excuse for not talking to us, unless you’re too busy sucking ass to talk to us. So if you’re interested or if you just want to spread some love, hit us up at, or on our messages board or even on our killer MySpace account. You know you want to so don’t even fight the urge.

More updates next Tuesday so listen up or miss what everyone will be talking about next week.

Interview with Street to Nowhere – Podcast 12

Posted by rich on January 17, 2006

So, welcome back to the wonderful world of independent music and the slobs that bring it to you. This week we got to sit down with a delightful young man who you’re bound to see on the front of your Teen People or Ym-18 or whatever kids magazines are called these days. I am referring, of course, to Dave, the lead singer and songwriter for Oakland based Street to Nowhere.

Now, I’ll be honest when I say there was a good amount of initial hesitancy when Dave agreed to do the interview. Though I had heard good things about his band I was also aware that he was a very different artist than any we had featured on SSR. I was also aware (after attending a Street to Nowhere show January 4 th at Bottom of the Hill) he had a fairly large female following. Now, I have nothing against women I’m just of the belief that bands with primarily female followings tend to suck (see: any boy band, Fallout Boy, My Chemical Romance, GG Allin, you get the idea).

So what made me get over my initial hesitations and go through with this interview? The sheer need to have content for this week. However, I am incredibly glad I took the time to talk with Dave. I feel this interview sheds light on him not only as an artist but also as a real person. Dave seems really grounded and honest. Beyond that he seems to be in music for the right reasons, gold phones and crystal ears (you have to listen to get that joke). And after really listening to Streets to Nowhere’s Charmingly Awkward, I’ve learned women may not have exclusively shitty taste in music. So check out Dave in this exclusive interview and then be sure to go to his shows and buy his album, band shirts and STN ties (no joke).

So be sure that after you enjoy this interview you send us lots of loving e-mails at and on our comment board and on our Myspace page. Till next time, keep your ears tuned in and await the next truly awesome band we deliver to you.

No Podcast This Week

Posted by rich on January 10, 2006

Oh man, we suck again! So it seems that even though last weeks podcast was delayed we still couldn’t get our shit together in time and we missed this weeks too. Alright, it’s not totally our fault. See we were supposed to interview this totally rad local band (who will remain unnamed as to not point fingers) but we were supposed to do it at this church they were playing at. Well, apparently the house of God doesn’t have a quiet room for interviews and requires a $9 cover, so fuck that. For some reason or another we never managed to reschedule the interview and it may end up getting scrapped. This would be awful as I really wanted to interview this band and we always need content. So pray hard and maybe we’ll still get this interview up (just don’t pray to the Christian God as he apparently hates us and likes to screw kids out of money).

Other than that keep your ears tuned up. I promise the next three or so weeks will bring totally awesome interviews with artists who are either already awesome or fast on their way to total awesomeness. So stay tuned, check out our myspace and drop us a line at

Interview with Push To Talk – Podcast 11

Posted by rich on January 3, 2006

So we finally got our shit together and here it is, this weeks interview with Push to Talk. So why the hell should you care? Not only are these guys an awesome band and a funny interview, not only do they have an album coming out on Doghouse Records and a national tour in the works BUT they played a show in front of Carson Daly. That’s right people, Carson “T-R-Muthafucking-L” Daly. So really what more do you need or want?

The story behind this interview is that Push to Talk keyboardist (Brett) went to a little private school known as Junipero Serra in San Mateo. Here he played bass in a band called Spishak (with Nate of Push to Talk). They played shows, put out some albums, played with American Steel and then decided that oiling up dudes was more important than rock. I lost track of Brett for several years before I finally found he’d resurfaced with Push to Talk. Excited to utilize nepotism to fill up empty slots in our schedule we set up an interview. I didn’t know at the time that I’d really end up liking the music that they play or that they’d be an awesome interview but I did and they are. So you should really listen, plus this interview may cure herpes (just like dianetics cures illness).

Anyhow, be sure to link us on your little blogs/myspace/livejournal and tell all your friends how rad we are. As always you can send us your comments at or at our comments section. Also, be sure to add us on Myspace. We need lots of friends so we can send out those bulletins that are 50 stupid questions we answered because we were bored (seriously, is that the best way people can kill time?). So enjoy the interview and help us out, it’s what Carson Daly would want.

Podcast 11 – Delayed

Posted by rich on January 3, 2006

Sorry about the delay but we promise there’s a show on the way. In fact I promise there’s a show on the way that rocks. Unfortunately, we’re suffering from technical difficulties (which means bands are hard as hell to work with). But be patient and we promise to have it up in a day or so. If not we will discount you 50% of what you normally pay, which is nothing. So suck it up ya cheap bastard and check back soon (like twice a day).