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The Best of Show Part 2 – Podcast 100

Posted by rich on June 16, 2009

I want to personally welcome you all to our 100th show.  I’m not gonna lie, this shit wasn’t easy.  You know that expression, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”?  What they don’t tell you about it is you’ll never work a day in your life because no one will pay you to do that shit.  It’s been a costly effort and taken time, money and our social lives but we wouldn’t change a thing.  Well, maybe that money part…I like money.

Anyhow, for our 100th show, we thought we’d all bring it back to when we were young, fresh faced and still trying to be good at this and what better way than a clip show?  No better way god damn it, no better way.  So we start off with the show that aired immediately after our last clip show (show 10), with Push to Talk (R.I.P.) and take it all the way through some of our favorite moments of the last 89 shows.  We’ll touch base with favorites like The Lawrence Arms and lesser noticed (but equally great) moments with bands like New Mexican Disaster Squad.  It’s been a zany ride and we have the audio to prove it.

If you thought something should have made the cut or just want to say “what’s up” send us your thoughts at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on myspaces or here in our comments.  We’ll be back next week with new content, and soon the inevtiable “Warped Tour” Series.  I normally close with some silly topical quote but I won’t let Sarah Palin sully our milestone.  Just remember, we are, hands down, the best goddamn podcast on earth.  Period.

Interview with The Falcon and Red Scare – Podcast 36

Posted by rich on September 26, 2006

Ah shit, looks like I over slept and forgot to get this weeks blog out to Sound Guy Nariman in time. Luckily, for you, it’s worth the wait. For our 36th show we brought you a Red Scare extravaganza. This interview features not only Neil and Brendan of The Falcon, not only Red Scare owner Toby Jeg but also everyone’s favorite bearded muppet/editor Justin! This shit is insane son! Listen to the mayhem as we bowl through topics like: Jersey City Whores, heroin and squirting moms. It’s a punk rockin’ good time!

As always, the last eight or so minutes holds the clue to ENTER TO WIN our Red Scare surprise contest. All the prizes are chosen by Sir Toby Jeg, so it could be really awesome, or it could be anal rape only Toby decides. So start entering now and remember to send us stuff via, on MySpace or our comments section and check back next week for more good times.