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Interviews at Warped Tour 2008 (Part 2) – Podcast 83

Posted by rich on September 9, 2008

Welcome, to this the 80-something episode of Sound Scene Revolution. This is the second of our three Warped Tour Interview sections. This week we sit down with The Aggrolites, Story of the Year and Cobra Starship. Well, it’s more standing than sitting. Regardless, they’re pretty epically nasty and I highly reccomend you listen.

We are continuing our Against Me! contest for this week, so be sure to listen to learn how to enter. We’ll be back next week with tons more zany good times. And remember, “The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.” And dogs don’t bullshit themselves into thinking abstinence is the best answer for teenage pregnancy.

Interview with Bomb the Music Industry! – Podcast 67

Posted by rich on August 28, 2007

Here it is kids, our last blog before we go on a month long hiatus to spread the message of gay Jebus to third world states across the midwest! So how do you top off a series of mediocre Warped Tour interviews? With one interview so goddamn insane it bottles the mind. That’s right we got Bomb the Music Industry! with us this week and we pull no punches. We talk about O’ Pioneers!!!, Asian Man Records, selling out, buying in, buying low and selling high and all the general things that have helped make Jeff the multimillionaire spokesman for DIY ska.

Also, this week we wrap up a series of ENTER TO WIN!!!’s, featuring our Asian Man Extravaganza (which drew a record number of entries) and our Whole Wheat Bread contest (which drew a mustache on the other contest).
A brand new ENTER TO WIN!!!, for a chance to win a copy of Bomb the Music Industry!’s Get Warmer on CD and limited edition picture disc. Listen to the last 8 minutes to learn how to enter. We should be back sometime in October but we may be taking off again to go to The Fest in Gainesville (we’ll let you know how that goes). Catch you all on the flipside. To the van, to the podcast, to the van, back home.
P.S. I said the last song was “Never trust a man without a horribly embarrassing secret” but I actually decided (post-editing) to go with “Get Warmer” because I love that song…and I’m a liar.