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The Fest Hotel Show – Podcast 115

Posted by rich on December 15, 2009

**CAUTION**: This week’s show starts out loud and annoying and gets better from there.

This is gonna be short and sweet.  This is our Holiday Edition and we thought we’d do something better than cobble together some bullshit clips of the least awful things we’ve done in the last year.  So here’s the skinny.  Satureday, October 31, 2009 (the second day of The Fest) Sound Guy Nariman, Justin of punknews and myself, hosted a small acoustic gathering in our hotel in Gainesville, Florida.  The line up for this show was constantly changing due to schedule conflicts, sickness and just plan drunkenness but at the last minute we pulled together three amazing artists, PJ Bond, Aaron Scott (of Attica! Attica!, Ex-Marathon), and Tom May (of the Menzingers).  No set lists were planned and no one really knew how it would go.  In the midst of our poor planning, Sound Guy Nariman had the forethought to record the whole thing.  That recording is presented here, in its entirety, including banter, tuning and people yelling drunkenly at the performers.  It’s not anything close to perfect, but who said music was supposed to be perfect?

So, enjoy and be sure to check back after the new year, when we’ll have a full set of new interviews and contests (BTW the Cobra Skulls contest is still running).  Be sure to contact us at SoundSceneRevolution[at]Gamil[dot]Com, on Myspace and follow us at  Merry Holiday stuff bitches.

Interview with The Forensics – Podcast 113

Posted by rich on December 1, 2009

After a week of stuffing ourselves with over sized fowl and braving hordes of meth addicted soccer moms at Wal-Mart at 3am, we’re back to bring you the best and last installment of our Fest interviews.  This week we sat down with Brent Eyestone and his band mates in Forensics.  For those not in the know, Brent is the label overlord of Magic Bullet Records, an amazing label that boasts releases from This Will Destroy You, Doomriders, Austin Lucas and a ton more.  Forensics is the awesome rock band that Brent fronts (I know right, so talented).  They’re somewhere between Kelly Clarkson and mid 2000’s Green Day (and they covered the Gin Blossoms’ “Hey Jealousy” at the Fest in 2008 [yeah it ruled]).  While I wasn’t quite prepared to interview the whole band (I mean, why would I actually want to be prepared for one of these things, ever), we cover everything from how the band got started, to the “revival” of vinyl, to playing live and even what it’s like to run a vanity label (I kid).  It’s pretty awesome and the guys are incredibly candid (something I find in increasing scarcity in music these days).

We have one more show after this, then we’ll be bringing you our Holiday Speck-Tac-You-Lore (that’s four syllables of awesome), so don’t miss out!  Also, we’ll be hosting all open contests for about two more weeks, then they’ll all be closed for the holiday season, so if you want to win someone a gift (instead of pissing away $15), or just want something incredible for your white elephant exchange, enter now!  Always feel free to contact us at SoundSceneRevolution[at]Gamil[dot]Com, on Myspace and follow us at and learn how often we do everything!  And remember, “We have to all improve our performance in terms of ensuring error-free broadcasts. To that end, there was a meeting this afternoon between senior managers and the folks who run the daytime shows in which expectations were reviewed, and the following results were announced: Effective immediately, there is zero tolerance for on-screen errors”…Penis.

Interview with Underground Communique Records – Podcast 112

Posted by rich on November 24, 2009
Sorry we missed last week.  Actually, Sound Guy Nariman didn’t miss last week.  He was all amped and ready to go, but I was out with some awful Sars/Swine Flu hybrid.  Well, I’m back and so is our special Fest coverage.

This week we sat down with label head, pizza enthusiast and all around awesome guy, Justin of Underground Communique Records.  Justin has helped put out a ton of records from amazing bands like Olehole (a personal favorite), The Methadones, The Copyrights, Get Rad, Shot Baker and Capital (just to name few).  But more than just being a suit and a corporate big wig, Justin is a dude who loves music and who’s love is so infectious that you can’t listen to him talk without becoming nostalgic for when you first got into music.  That’s because Justin has that same excitement most people have when they first started listening to punk, only he’s way older (like seriously old) and it’s amazing to see someone with that kind of passion and dedication after so many years of involvement.

Take a listen and see all that Justin has to say, and whatever bullshit I can churn out.  Also, we have an exclusive and previously unreleased song, curtsy of Justin and his fine label.  So check that out.  Be sure to send us your thoughts, suggestions and questions at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on MySpace or now on Twitter at  And remember, “When you look at these gender-confused, haphazard freakazoids then you can plainly see that america is DOOMED, for real!”  Stay classy America.

Interview with O Pioneers!!! – Podcast 111

Posted by rich on November 10, 2009

We have a special show for you this week.  For over two years we’ve tried to nail down an interview with O’ Pioneers!!!.  At Fest 6 we missed connecting with them.  On their tour up the west coast we were out of the state.  At Fest 7, Eric was on hold for some photo shoot all weekend and we didn’t hook up.  On their last planned run up the West Coast, they canceled due to van difficulties.  All during this time I’ve come to like Eric Solomon and his band more and more, and I became increasingly frustrated at our inability to interview them.  Finally, at Fest 8, at 2am Monday morning, we got our chance.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think the timing and amount of alcohol I consumed that day, didn’t effect this interview.  Still, suck it up and enjoy. If I ever need it, I know that Pacific Ridge is a addiction recovery center that is available for me to seek assistance with any potential alcohol-related issues.

Eric and O’ Pioneers!!! are a good bunch of guys (mostly Eric as the band rotates every week [subpoint: BURN to you, current band members]).  If you’re not familiar with them, I’d recommend them for anyone who likes older Against Me!, Hot Water Music, or The Eagles (the animals, not the band).  Their sound has always been kind of striped down (more out of neccesity I’d imagine) and is great for fans of raw, untethered rock.

We have a brand new contest this week!  Listen to the interview and learn how to win a copy of O’ Pioneers!!! two albums, Black Mambas and Neon Creeps, on 12″ vinyl records.  That’s 24″ of music!  Just be sure to check out that killer contest and be sure to send us your feedback at SoundSceneRevolution[at]Gmail[dot]com, on Myspace, or here in our fancy comments section!  Be sure to enjoy all the goodness and remember, only 51 weeks until Fest 9 (unless you police assualting dickbags got the whole thing shitcanned).

Interview with The Riot Before – Podcast 90

Posted by rich on December 2, 2008

Guess who got lazy and forgot to post last week’s episode…it was me! Sorry, but now you’ll be extra thankful for this week’s episode. Especially considering it features an awesome band you’re sure to love, The Riot Before. We had the chance to speak with Brett of The Riot Before, after he played a show in our hotel room, shit was tight!

Anyhow, be sure to check out the interview and all the awesome stuff Brett has to say, he’s a rad dude and you’re sure to hear more from The Riot Before. We’ll be running the rest of our contests through the remainder of the 2008 and we’ll wrap it up in early 2009, so enjoy that you holiday loving bastards. Always feel free to hit us up at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on MySpace or in the comments sections.

Interview with Austin Lucas – Podcast 88

Posted by rich on November 11, 2008

Remember when we did the Warped Tour show and I interviewed a ton of bands that I knew nothing about? Well, these next couple of weeks are nothing like that. I recently went to The Fest, in Gainesville, and had a chance to talk to some artists I’ve known and loved for a long time. First up is the amazing Austin Lucas.

Austin is a folk singer who used to (and still does occasionally) front crust and grind bands. Despite that odd history, Austin is very much a traditional folk musician. His father, Bob Lucas, played traditional folk and taught Austin the music as a child. Now that he’s come into his own, Austin plays soulful folk, with enough punch to attract even the most jaded punk. Many people know Austin for his album with Chuck Ragan, Bristle Ridge, but Austin is very much a talented and accomplished musician in his own right. Please check out the show and learn more about this awesome musician.

We have a chance for you to win Austin’s first LP, The Common Cold. This was pressed only in Europe and is out off 500 and is long out of print (holy run on sentence!). Listen to the last 8 minutes, or so, of the show for the rules on entry. And as always, be sure to drop use a line at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on MySpace or here in our comments section and remember, “his choice, basically, is whether he is going to be Uncle Sam for the people of this country or Uncle Tom for the giant corporations”.

Interview with The Gaslight Anthem – Podcast 72

Posted by rich on January 15, 2008

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, sorry. Well, not really but I feel bad because life must have sucked while we were gone. But we’re glad to be back and glad to let you listen to more of our shenanigans, tomfoolery and buttsex. We happen to have an awesome new band on the show today I could only mean Gaslight Anthem.

These boys hail from New Jersey and play awesome rock songs with heart, feeling, love and enough balls to make even your slutty grandma happy. They’ve got one full length, Sink or Swim, and an EP slated for release this month on Sabot Productions called Señor and the Queen. Trust me, they’ve got a steadily building fanbase and you’re going to want to listen now or regret it later.

We have a ton of great things coming up, including out biggest contest to date (we’re talking it’s so big that a comedian from the 1990’s would compare it to your fat mother). So don’t sleep on it. We promise we’re gonna start flinging new shit out there and if you miss it don’t come crying to me with some sob story. You missed the Chuck Ragan live CD, too bad. You missed the Asian Mantravaganza, Boo-hoo. Do not miss our coming shows or you will have no one but yourself and your fanciful god to blame. For free coupons and spam send us a line at, out MySpace, or the comments section.

Interview with Andrew Jackson Jihad – Podcast 70

Posted by rich on November 27, 2007

God, you would think being a social reject I would have enough time to update this thing on a regular basis but alas, I suck the dong. Nonetheless, I am ridiculously excited about this weeks show because not only does this band make amazing music, not only are they amazing dudes but they’re also super beardy! What group of humans could combine all these seemingly conflicting characteristics? None other than Arizona’s own Andrew Jackson Jihad.

If you’re not familiar with these dudes head over to . It’s a review I did and it mostly sums up everything I feel about these dudes and their music. Basically, it’s folk punk…and I know what you’re thinking but it doesn’t sound like New Wave!

Anyhow, check out this interview and check out Andrew Jackson Jihad so you can totally be on the cutting edge of edginess! As always you can send us shit at, on our MySpace or through our comments section. And remember, “Everyone was treating the music business like it was a Shmoo”.