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Interview with Propagandhi – Podcast 93

Posted by rich on March 3, 2009

Welcome back, have a seat, take a load off. Why do you have a load anyway? What are you, some old timey mine worker? Speaking of old timey, we have an interview with Chris Hannah, frontman and general badass from Propagandhi. The fine foursome from Winnepeg are getting ready to release their fifth album in 40 years, Supporting Caste. The boys are really excited for this one and Chris has a ton of things to talk about from the new album, to the hiatus of G7 Welcoming Comittee and even a bit about politics (really a rare topic for Propagandhi). So check it out and hear bits of their new album that 99% of your friends already downloaded.

Also, we’re going to continue running our 1-2-3-4-Go! Records contest, so check that shit out to learn how to enter to win. And always feel free to send us some stuff at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on myspace or in the comments section. And remember “They have destroyed poor families by breaking up those families, by offering welfare checks to women to keep having babies, no more father needed”

Interview with Propagandhi – Podcast 8

Posted by rich on December 13, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We here at SSR promised you a big, ground breaking interview this week. Today, we deliver on that promise. Our guest today is a member of a band that is known for being as elusive as they are hard rocking. But, through constant vigilance and a surprise ambush we nailed this exclusive. And today we share the fruits of our labor with you, in this exclusive interview with Propagandhi.

Well, I suppose not the whole band but rather the outspoken Jordy-boy of Propagandhi (AKA Jordy, AKA Jord). The whole thing came to be shortly after our interview with the previously mentioned Greg MacPherson. When we mentioned the request to talk with Propagandhi Greg happily helped us snag Jordy in our trap. Luckily, for us, Jordy was really cool and really polite about the whole thing. While this may not be our funniest interview to date it is certainly one of the most interesting and informative.

Also, if you got to see (or wanted to see) Propagandhi’s tour down the west coast you may be interested in our interviews with other bands from that tour, including; Western Addiction, Greg MacPherson, and Jesse Luscious (Of The Frisk). We would also like to announce our final stage of whoring with the start of SSR’s own MySpace account. If you want you can check out news, postings, pictures and general tomfoolery there. Also, you can add us to your friends list so we look really cool. Plus, if you add us I promise some 14 year old girl will hit on you via Myspace (we, however, are not to be held responsible for the repercussions of such events).

So enjoy the interview and be sure to drop us some comments at, on our message board or on our new fangled MySpace account. Keep coming back in the weeks to come for more amazing interviews and shit you just won’t find anywhere else.