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Interview with Dillinger Four – Podcast 110

Posted by rich on November 4, 2009

Thank god Fest is over!  I love that thing but I’m pretty sure it tries to kill me every year.  Sound Crazy?!  This year I have a black eye, a knot on my forehead and a cut on my face to prove it.  I look like I was on the bad end of a prison rape (is there a good end?).  Anyhow, the one piece of mind I have is that this weeks show features the one group of people who probably fared worse than me, Dillinger 4!  However, we did do this show a couple weeks before Fest, when they came to San Francisco, but c’mon, you really think they’ll all be sober enough to do an interview at Fest?  Don’t be an asshole, of course not!

If you don’t know who Dillinger 4 is, Google “Paddy’s balls”.  I think they also did something musical at some point but I’ve been wrong before.  Anyhow, enjoy, and remember we still have some contests up and running, so enter all of them just to be safe.  As always, we’re at SoundSceneRevolution[at], on Myspace and here too.  Now go see Michael Jackson in This is It, and shout requests for songs at the screen the whole time.

Interview with Dead to Me – Podcast 107

Posted by rich on September 8, 2009

This week I’m really excited to bring you and interview with one of our most frequent and most loved guests.  We first had Chicken on way way back when he was with Western Addiction.  When we first heard about his new band, Dead to Me, I scrambled to get an interview as soon as possible.  An EP and a second full length later, I sit down with him (as well as Nathan and Ian) to talk about regrouping the band, getting a new song writer and what it’s like to really hate work.  And if you listen closely (or at all) you get the opportunity to hear Chicken riddle me with insults….Out of love, of course.

We also wrapped up our Attica! Attica! contest, so we’ll have that out shortly.  No new contests just yet, but we’ll work something out soon, so be ready.  As always drop us a line at SoundSceneRevolution[at]Gmail[dot]com, on MySpace or in our comments section.  Maybe we should get a Twitter or a FaceBook.  Thoughts?  And remember, “My 10-year-old daughter is very impressionable, I was going to keep her home tomorrow, but was assured that she wouldn’t be going to social studies that day.”

Interview with The Lawrence Arms – Podcast 62

Posted by rich on July 24, 2007

So, to the dismay of many of our fan, we are taking a break form the shit heap that is Warped Tour interviews to bring you something totally different, a band that was banned from Warped Tour, The Lawrence Arms. Actually, we’ll be running a few Asian Man Records interviews, in conjunction with their 11th Anniversary.

If you don’t know who the Lawrence Arms are by now I highly suggest you Google the city of Chicago and filter through the stories until you find them, go ahead, we’ll wait…So sit back and enjoy the tasty goodness as Chris, Brendan and Neil talk about Cornish Gay Men, concept albums, and why Brendan took the mic into the toilet during the interview. It’s a good (totally naked) time had by all.

Additionally, we’ll have a brand new ENTER TO WIN!!! featuring a variety of Asian Man releases. One winner gets a copy of both Dan Potthast albums, Lawrence Arms’ Cocktails and Dreams, the rerelease of Alkaline Trio’s Goddamnit, plus some other fun stuff. So listen and figure out how to get free crap!

Stay tuned until next week when we have more awesome stuff. And feel free to drop us a line at, on MySpace or in the comments section. And remember…freedom is on the March…and the May.

Interview with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Podcast 45

Posted by rich on January 9, 2007

Welcome back from your amazing holiday season. I hope you got all the meaningless material possessions you could ever ask for, and with any luck you got totally sloshed at least once and did something you’ll regret. Baby Jesus would be proud.

Enough ape shittary, on to the stuff you came for, our exciting first interview of the New Year! We figured the best way to kick off the start to out amazingly mediocre podcast is with an amazingly mediocre band. But what band could be so bland as to meet our standards? We needed a band that not only lacked all creative abilities but also dressed like complete asshats. We could mean none other than Fat Wrecks world famous herpes sore Me First and the Gimme Gimmes!

Alright, so they aren’t that bad but when a band makes so much fun of themselves it’s hard not to join in. We had the dubious honor of sitting and talking with Joey Cape and Fat Mike while they pretty much took potshots at me the entire time.

NOTE: I would like to make two statements in my own defense
1)the comment I make about The Monkees being like the U.S. Beatles was a joke, though Fat Mike took plenty of shots at me over it.

2)When I mention the discarded album title Can’t Quit You that the band seemed so confused about I read it in several places (Link), on the internet…way to not have my back internet.

Anyhow, be sure to check out the last eight minutes to learn how to ENTER TO WIN!!! a copy of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes’ new album, Love Their Country. When it’s free you can’t go wrong. Always feel free to drop us a line at, on the MySpace or on the comments section. And remember, you’re listening to the internet.

Interview with The Sainte Catherines – Podcast 40

Posted by rich on November 7, 2006

In a continuing effort to bring you music from people who are not our immediate friends or family, we recently spoke with on of Canada’s greatest six piece bands. Not only do these guys play killer punk rock with three guitars, not only do they speak no less than two languages, not only do they manage to tear through at least 5 vans and as many transmissions but they also have some sort of music award shaped like moose antlers. You better believe The Sainte Catherines have it all.

And you better believe we talk about it all in this interview. From hot tubs to Hugo signing some guy’s girlfriend’s breast we cover every topic you would want to know about (I think music is mentioned once or twice as well). Not to mention a special appearance but Santa Cruz security guard Mr. Willie Nelson Look-a-Like.

If that isn’t exciting enough we have a copy of The Sainte Catherines’ Fat Wreck Chords debut Dancing for Decadence AND a free t-shirt to give away. It’s like French Canadian Christmas without the limbo (trust me, it’s in Wikipedia). So listen to the last 8 minutes to learn how to ENTER TO WIN!!!! As always hit us up at, on MySpace or on the comments section. You’re feedback is the only thing that allows us to live (sort of like the blood of babies and the government).

Interview with Strike Anywhere – Podcast 39

Posted by rich on October 31, 2006

So with a pressing election coming up (that’s for those of you who care enough to stop playing Final Fantasy whateverthehell long enough to notice) we figured it’d be prime time to slap you in the face with some well deserved politics. Not from us, of course, but from Richmond Virginia’s hometown hero’s Strike Anywhere.

We recently sat down with Thomas and talked about everything from Virginian politicians, to how you pay rent. And, let me be the thousandth person to say, Thomas is fucking smart. Not just like, “Oh, I have a PHD and like to look down on people” smart, like “Hey, I actually understand shit and can explain it to you” smart. Add to that an intense set of dreadlocks and you got a recipe for an awesome interview.

As per usual we have a BRAND NEW CONTEST where you can ENTER TO WIN a copy of Strike Anywhere’s latest CD Dead FM as well as other cool band shwag. Be sure to check out the last eight minutes to get the full scoop on entering. And always hit us up at, at MySpace or on the comments section. I’m serious, we actually read at least 30% of all the shit we receive (I’ve already refinanced my house and begun a penis enlarging pill regimen thanks to peoples friendly e-mails).

Interview with Dead To Me – Podcast 25

Posted by rich on July 4, 2006

So let’s keep this simple as I have beer to drink and fireworks to watch. This week we talk with Chicken and Ian of the San Francisco, CA band Dead to Me. This band has members from both One Man Army and Western Addiction. How can it not rock? Answer: It must rock!

This isn’t so much an interview as it is me trying to contain the insanity that is Chicken. So if you want something that’s more funny than informative, this is your Podcast. Also we have a chance to ENTER TO WIN a free copy of Dead To Me’s debut album Cuban Ballerina. So check out the end of the broadcast to figure out how to get free shit. Also, drop us a line at, on our MySpace (which is blowing up son!), or on our comments section right here on the webpage. So check it out and enjoy this amazing week in American independence.

Interview with The Loved Ones – Podcast 21

Posted by rich on June 6, 2006

So, you’re back, eh? Well, since you keep coming back, I guess we have to keep providing your lazy ass with stuff to listen to. This week’s interview comes from a night of hard work (read as: sitting around the whole night as the band shuffled around the interview time). However, it was totally worth it as we got to sit down in the back of a van/truck/tour bus thing with Philadelphia’s favorite stepsons, The Loved Ones.

For those of you who don’t know, The Loved Ones are three totally awesome (and totally varying in height) guys who have played in several awesome bands (Paint it Black, Trial by Fire and The Curse). Somehow, through construction and a shared love of alcohol, they came together to form a band that blends heavy songs with pop melodies. Sure other bands have said they do that, but The Loved Ones actually do it. Oh, and they don’t suck either.

Also, we don’t have a new contest this week but we will be continuing last weeks Teenage Bottlerocket/Red Scare contest (as it has two winners it should take up two weeks, right?). Anyhow if you want to enter shoot us an e-mail at, send us a message on MySpace or see our comments section. And next week we’ll return with more AWESEOME PRIZES!! So, enjoy and remember to keep those e-mails coming.

Interview with Western Addiction – Podcast 5

Posted by rich on November 8, 2005

Another week, another fully ground breaking episode hear at SSR. We had the high honor of not only talking with a majority of the members in one of Fat Wreck Chords newest bands, but we also conducted said interview in Fat HQ. That’s right, the multibillion dollar industry behemoth opened their doors to us and we even got a personal tour from Jason of Western Addiction. Let me just tell you now Fat HQ is pretty much just the way you would envision it, from the leopard and zebra print carpet, right down to the heated toilet seat in the otherwise unsuspecting restroom.

But enough giving you a peak at the high life (besides if you were important enough Fat would have let you into their inner sanctum). This interview is hands down my favorite in our short history. The guys in Western Addiction are funny, interesting, and most of all they can talk your ear off. Well, maybe not all of them, but certainly Chicken. In all honesty, this is a band I was really excited to talk to, and after talking to them I can see they are honest guys who really love what they do.

If you get the chance check them out live, since they have a bunch of shows coming up with Propaghandi (check their website). Also, if you’re still not sure if you want to pick up their album check out the compilation Protect that they’re on it’s a good cause and it’s cheap. Feel free to hit us up on the comment section or at, especially if you want us to waste your bands time.