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Interview with mc chris – Podcast 86

Posted by rich on October 28, 2008

Welcome to this very special Halloween edition of Sound Scene Revolution. What makes it Halloween-like? Well, I’m wearing a dress for one, but that could just be called “The Third Week of the Month” Edition. Anyhow, we’re also taking this week to talk with a very special artist mc chris (lowercase no dots, rewind). You may know him as Chris Ward, Hesh from Sealab, or even MC PeePants from Aqua Teen Hunger force. He’s truly an mc of many faces and costumes (see “Halloween”, bitches!).

So enjoy the banter as mc pretty much takes control of the interview and answers whatever questions he likes (and even some we don’t ask), but it’s probably best because of that. Enjoy the interview and listen as we might have some contest shit for you to enter to win…maybe…alright, we do have something for you to win, so listen to get some free shit.

That’s it for this week. Always take the chance to contact us at, on MySpace or on the comments section. And if you’re not too busy carving backwards “B”s in your face and soreading covert racism take some time out to vote, you’ll be glad you did. See ya next week.