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Interview with The Vex – Podcast 18

Posted by rich on March 21, 2006

Huzah bitches, we ain’t dead. So it’s been a while but we’re glad to be back. This week we have an awesome interview with local boys The Vex. We actually snagged this interview with a little help from Johnny of The Clifton’s. So I guess it really is all about who you know.

So, this interview takes all sorts of weird twists and turns. Ultimately we discuss music for only a few minutes. A majority of this interview is about drinking, crimes and porn…and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. So be sure to check these bad boys out and if you get the chance visit their site and see them live, before they’re banned from every venue in the Bay Area.

Also we may have some big new stuff in the works so be sure to check back hourly for hopes of news. And as always tell us how to fuck up less at, on our comment section or on MySpace.
Have a good week suckers.