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Interview with Touché Amoré – Podcast 116

Posted by rich on January 19, 2010

We’re so excited to be back with a brand new show for the new year (and indeed the new decade).  What better way to ring in the new year than with a new band who’s rising faster than Republican boners after Brown’s election, Touche Amore.  These guys are from LA and they play some old school emo/hardcore/I hate Genres.  Anyhow, they’re super good and they happen to be friends with some dude from Thursday, so your hip friends now them through that.  If you don’t know too much about them but dig the interview you can enter to win a copy of their debut full length …To the Beat of a Dead Horse on 12″ vinyl and CD.  Just tune in to the end of the broadcast to get that info.

As always send us some info at, on myspace or here in our comments.  Also, now that we’re back doing shows we’re on the wild world of twitter  Get into all that madness.  And remember, “”Woods is a good role model … because he has always been able to pull himself together after setbacks. Woods never does anything that would make himself look ridiculous.”


Interview with O Pioneers!!! – Podcast 111

Posted by rich on November 10, 2009

We have a special show for you this week.  For over two years we’ve tried to nail down an interview with O’ Pioneers!!!.  At Fest 6 we missed connecting with them.  On their tour up the west coast we were out of the state.  At Fest 7, Eric was on hold for some photo shoot all weekend and we didn’t hook up.  On their last planned run up the West Coast, they canceled due to van difficulties.  All during this time I’ve come to like Eric Solomon and his band more and more, and I became increasingly frustrated at our inability to interview them.  Finally, at Fest 8, at 2am Monday morning, we got our chance.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think the timing and amount of alcohol I consumed that day, didn’t effect this interview.  Still, suck it up and enjoy. If I ever need it, I know that Pacific Ridge is a addiction recovery center that is available for me to seek assistance with any potential alcohol-related issues.

Eric and O’ Pioneers!!! are a good bunch of guys (mostly Eric as the band rotates every week [subpoint: BURN to you, current band members]).  If you’re not familiar with them, I’d recommend them for anyone who likes older Against Me!, Hot Water Music, or The Eagles (the animals, not the band).  Their sound has always been kind of striped down (more out of neccesity I’d imagine) and is great for fans of raw, untethered rock.

We have a brand new contest this week!  Listen to the interview and learn how to win a copy of O’ Pioneers!!! two albums, Black Mambas and Neon Creeps, on 12″ vinyl records.  That’s 24″ of music!  Just be sure to check out that killer contest and be sure to send us your feedback at SoundSceneRevolution[at]Gmail[dot]com, on Myspace, or here in our fancy comments section!  Be sure to enjoy all the goodness and remember, only 51 weeks until Fest 9 (unless you police assualting dickbags got the whole thing shitcanned).

Interview with No Friends – Podcast 101

Posted by rich on July 7, 2009

Taking now down time from our 100th epic show (and celebration) we’re jumping straight into 101!   This week we have a special show featuring Tony, vocalist of No Friends (and some other band call Municipal Waste).  We had a chance to talk to Tony about working with a new band, fitting in with part of the New Mexican Disaster Squad dynamic and how to work in two awesome bands.  Plus, we have some awesome new songs from No Friends not yet released LP.

We’ll have some hot new contests and interviews in weeks to come.  I’ll be live and at Warped Tour this weekend…So get ready for disappointment.  Feel free to send us suggestions or feedback to SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on Myspace or here in our comments section.  And remember, “People think I’ve changed. I have changed. We’ve been dealing a long time with this,” – Clown Car Vagina.

Interview with Propagandhi – Podcast 93

Posted by rich on March 3, 2009

Welcome back, have a seat, take a load off. Why do you have a load anyway? What are you, some old timey mine worker? Speaking of old timey, we have an interview with Chris Hannah, frontman and general badass from Propagandhi. The fine foursome from Winnepeg are getting ready to release their fifth album in 40 years, Supporting Caste. The boys are really excited for this one and Chris has a ton of things to talk about from the new album, to the hiatus of G7 Welcoming Comittee and even a bit about politics (really a rare topic for Propagandhi). So check it out and hear bits of their new album that 99% of your friends already downloaded.

Also, we’re going to continue running our 1-2-3-4-Go! Records contest, so check that shit out to learn how to enter to win. And always feel free to send us some stuff at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on myspace or in the comments section. And remember “They have destroyed poor families by breaking up those families, by offering welfare checks to women to keep having babies, no more father needed”

Interview with 1-2-3-4 Go! Records – Podcast 92

Posted by rich on February 24, 2009

After a super extended holiday break we’ve returned with all of the your favoriteness that you’ve come to expect! I’ll take the blame for the break, I got used to not doing tons of thankless work and not receiving e-mails from people who hate me and want to do nothing more than needlessly criticize me. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again (P.S. It’s totally gonna happen again).

To welcome you back we have an interview with the head hancho and lead man of 1-2-3-4-Go! Records, Stevo (maybe he has a last name, I don’t know. Maybe it’s “O”. Like he’s Steven Jenkins Oh. That would make the “Oh” Face joke so much better for him, also it means I’d see his mother’s “Oh” Face a lot). Stevo is a super rad dude who has been running one of the best labels in the Bay Area, releasing everything from Pop punk to crazy rock and even some folk type shit. Also, he’s full of crazy stories and useless information. If you’re a fan of anything ever, you’ll want to listen to what Stevo has to say.

Also, we have a brand new contest for not one, not four but three releases from 1-2-3-4-Go! Records. Listen to the end of the broadcast and you can learn how to enter to win copies of Nobunny’s Love Visions, Git Some’s Cosmic Rock, and The Ringers Detention Hall. That’s like $20 worth of shit…FOR FREE!! So check it out and be sure to contact us at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on MySpace or in the comments section. And remember, “Thank you very much. Everyone’s crying, and now I have to go on.”

Interview with This Is Hell – Podcast 77

Posted by rich on April 22, 2008

It’s true. I’ve finally run out of witty banter for these intros. Well, this one at least. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s just the sheer number we’ve done. Maybe it’s the fact that I feel crippled by two straight days of diarrhea that can only be described as “godless”.
Yeah, probably that last one.

So, here’s the facts. We sat down (or stood) with Rick of This is Hell for an interview all about the band. Rick is a rad dude and is super informative about the bands history and their recent work. It’s a good interview (on his end at least). We also have a new ENTER TO WIN, where you can win a copy of This is Hell’s newest LP Misfortunes on orange vinyl and their split with Cancer Bats on red vinyl. Just listen to the end to learn how to enter.

We’ll be back next week with a new interview and some more energy. Until then feel free to e-mail us at or hit us up on myspace. If you smell what Barack is cooking.

Interview with Ruiner – Podcast 75

Posted by rich on March 25, 2008

We’re back! Sound the trumpets. Ring the gongs. Paint the fences. Whatever you do to celebrate do it, because this shit is off the hinges. We’re back after two months of bullshit so that we could bring you some totally fantastic interviews.
Leading off the charge are some hardcore kids who make up a band called Ruiner. These guys play a style of hardcore that, while not groundbreaking, is super intense and amazingly catchy. They may only have one full length under their belt (and it’s barely a full length) but they rock like veterans. So listen, enjoy and rock out like you’re in Nam.

We’re coking up some awesome contests with (hopefully), but in the meantime we don’t have anything on our own. Please feel free to shot us some e-mails at, our MySpace or on the comments section.

And remember, “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport but we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base,”

Interview with Last of the Believers – Podcast 74

Posted by rich on January 29, 2008

How awesome are we at staying on schedule? The answer, not at all. Sorry, but with all the writers on strike I’ve been taking my time to put together a new script for a zany sitcom. I don’t want to reveal too much but let’s just say it will be a mix of Homeboys in Outer space and Laugh In. Expect big things.

In other (no scab) news we got to sit down with Chris and Brett of the band Last of the Believers. If the names sound familiar it’s probably because Chris and Brett are common names. However, it’s also because Chris used to be in Rise Against and Brett currently basses for Ignite. So trust me when I say Last of the Believers have a pedigree you need to hear to truly appreciate.

Also, we have two free copies of their re-released EP Paper Ships Under a Burning Bridge. All you need to do is listen to the last 8 minutes of the broadcast and learn how to enter to win (act excited!). Always, e-mail us at SoundSceneRevolution[at]Gmail[dot]com, on MySpace or in the comments section. Enjoy that shit. And remember “There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance.”

Interview with Love Me Destroyer – Podcast 53

Posted by rich on March 27, 2007

We kind of fell off the face of the earth for a little while so let me explain…We totally suck. Actually, we just wanted to make sure we had some good shows lined up. We hate taking weeks off as much as you hate late updates. The only thing we hate more than late shows is doing a show half assed. So, instead we opted to take a few weeks off, gather up some shows so this way we have a little buffer so we don’t need to fall behind or simply slap together a show with some shit band.

To usher in our triumphant return we are bringing you a great interview and contest. The band is none other than Denver, Colorado’s best punk band of 2005, Love Me Destroyer (last years award went to Prince, go figure). If you’re not familiar with Love Me Destroyer, you should be. They play a great blend of technical and melodic hard rock and they write a fucking killer power ballad.

We sat down with Scooter, Ryan and Cody to discuss their new album, Guitar Hero II, The Departed, threesomes with black chicks and trying new things with dudes. If you think you misread any of that, you didn’t, it’s just that crazy. This interview is equal parts hilarity, informational and offensive. It’s like a naked potato sack race with the guys from NPR.

If that’s not enough to get you to listen, Suburban Home Records has hooked us up, again, with crazy shit to give away. We’re talking CD’s, pint glasses and all sorts of good shit.

[I’d like to take an aside to really thank the fine people at Suburban Home. We know we’re just some shit podcast but these guys have treated as well as we could have asked for. Suburban Home is easy to work with and just genuinely good people. Now go buy their shit so they don’t have to move it all].

Be sure to listen to (at least) the last 8 minutes of the podcast to learn how to enter to win. Be sure to send us your thoughts at, on MySpace and our comments section. And remember, Love Me Destroyer: Try new things with dudes.

Interview with New Mexican Disaster Squad – Podcast 49

Posted by rich on February 13, 2007

So, it’s Valentines week, huzzah (by the way “huzzah” is in Microsoft spell check, weird)! Hordes of young lovers will be buying sweet nothings for each other, writing love poems and hooking up (hopefully leading to an unwanted pregnancy and a Maury Povich paternity test marathon). And, what better way to celebrate the season of love than with a new podcast featuring those barons of romance, New Mexican Disaster Squad. The name just says, “The Sexxy”.

We sit down with three of Orlando’s sexiest foursome to talk about everything from Richard Minino’s crazy artwork, to why they rock so hard live, and even the erotic, and taboo topic of piss bottles kept in a van while touring. It’s like everything you ever wanted to know about love, but never really thought about asking. PLUS, someone farts in the mic (too hot).

In addition, this week we host our most awesome ENTER TO WIN!!! ever! The New Mexicans totally hooked it up and we have two awesome giveaways that will make you,instantly, their biggest fan. Check it:
1 – Second place winner gets a limited edition New Mexican Disaster Squad silk screened print done by Richard of NMDS (limited 1 of 80)
1 – First place winner gets a huge New Mexican Disaster prize pack including; the above print, a copy of Don’t Believe on CD, a copy of the Don’t Believe 12″ (on white vinyl and a bonus track not on CD), and some stickers and a button. That shit is insane!

So, if you ever thought you might like New Mexican Disaster Squad, now is the time to find out, just listen to the last 8 minutes of the show to learn how to enter.

As always, feel free to drop us a line at, on MySpace, or under our comments section. We love to hear interesting opinions and always welcome ways to improve the show. Until next time remember, what ever happened to the Old Mexican Disaster Squad?