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Interview with Fake Problems – Podcast 78

Posted by rich on May 6, 2008

Alright, I get it, I suck! How can we honestly have these interviews in the can and yet not post them? Is it life? Work? Women? Stomach Flu? Probably not. I just can’t think of new and funny stuff to write. So I bail.

Regardless, we soldier on like soldiers soldiering through something. This week we have our friendly little brothers Fake Problems on the show. We spoke with these kids a while back but figure that after a full length and a 7″ release since we last spoke it would be a good idea to touch base. We spoke with guitarist/vocalist Chris and guitarist/owner of Good Friends Records, Casey. These kids have a future so bright they gotta wear shades (or is that to hide the red eyes?) and it doesn’t hurt that Chris dresses like a tiny Mr. Rogers.

Also, we have a brand new ENTER TO WIN!!! where you can land a copy of the Fake Problems first 7″, Spurs and Spokes, on white vinyl. This shit is rare and out of print as a muthafucka so don’t miss out. Also, send us some love or spam at, on Myspace or right here on our comments.
Sidenote: John McCain finished in the bottom 5 of his graduating class. Moral? Study or the Vietcong will whoop your ass.