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Interview with Tim Barry – Podcast 51

Posted by rich on February 27, 2007

Hey all, just so ya know, we’re not actually late with this post. See, this episode we have our second artist on Suburban Home Records, Tim Barry, in as many weeks. I had a blog all set and ready to post and then I read this. Needless to say I was stunned, especially considering how generously Virgil hooked us up with give-away stuff these past two episodes. Suburban Home has always been one of those labels that put out quality bands, maybe not bands that sold millions of albums but that always made good music. They’ve been nothing but nice to me (both in my dealings as a mail order customer and in the podcast), which may not seem too odd but trust me, most labels aren’t too eager to help out a kid with a late order or some douche with a podcast. I really wish all the best to Virgil and everyone at Suburban Home/Dead Format/Vinyl Collective, these are the people who know what music is supposed to be about.

Much like Suburban Home is a dying breed of labels Tim Barry (this weeks guest) is a dying breed of musician. Tim isn’t a guy who makes music for fame, fans, drugs and certainly not for money. Tim makes music for himself and maybe (and this is just my take on it) he does it to exorcise a few demons. After meeting Tim two things are clear; 1, his music is a brutally honest self portrait and 2, he’s never going to be a rich man. So, check this interview out and hear how despair, hope and perseverance become music.

Like I mentioned Virgil hooked us up crazy, so let me lay out the contests:
Drag the River:
One (1) winner will get a t-shirt (medium), and a Drag the River beer cozy.
One (1) winner will get a t-shirt (medium), Drag the River beer Cozy, a DTR pint glass, a copy of DTR’s Closed and Hobo Demos (if you have either let us know and will give the album you have to another winner) and some stickers. Flippin’ Sweet!

So check that out and learn how to enter

For this week we have one (1) winner who will receive a copy of Tim Barry’s Rivanna Junction and a Tim Barry pint glass. That ain’t bad for not doing shit besides listening and sending an e-mail. So be sure to listen and hit us up at, our MySpace and the comments section. Till next week.

Interview with Drag the River – Podcast 50

Posted by rich on February 20, 2007

So here it is our 50th episode. It’s like a birthday but it only took us about a year and a half to hit 50 as opposed to 50 years, so we’re well aged, mature and dignified all without having to wear an adult diaper.

What better way to celebrate this podcasting milestone than with a funny interview with America’s favorite drinkers, Drag the River. Seriously, Sound Guy Nariman and I celebrated by letting me get so drunk at the Drag the River show I vomited on the way home (mom must be proud). No matter my poor inebriation it made for one hell of an interview as John and Chad talk about music, booze and a Mule named Francis.

To commemorate this, our 50th episode, we have a whole shit can of ENTER TO WIN!!!’s. We’re still running our contests for Only Crime, New Mexican Disaster Squad (check those interviews for how to enter) and a brand new one for Drag the River! Be sure to check it out to win some free shwag. Be sure to send us anniversary cards to, our MySpace and the comments section. As always, enjoy the show, because we enjoyed making it (but not vomiting afterwards).

Interview with New Mexican Disaster Squad – Podcast 49

Posted by rich on February 13, 2007

So, it’s Valentines week, huzzah (by the way “huzzah” is in Microsoft spell check, weird)! Hordes of young lovers will be buying sweet nothings for each other, writing love poems and hooking up (hopefully leading to an unwanted pregnancy and a Maury Povich paternity test marathon). And, what better way to celebrate the season of love than with a new podcast featuring those barons of romance, New Mexican Disaster Squad. The name just says, “The Sexxy”.

We sit down with three of Orlando’s sexiest foursome to talk about everything from Richard Minino’s crazy artwork, to why they rock so hard live, and even the erotic, and taboo topic of piss bottles kept in a van while touring. It’s like everything you ever wanted to know about love, but never really thought about asking. PLUS, someone farts in the mic (too hot).

In addition, this week we host our most awesome ENTER TO WIN!!! ever! The New Mexicans totally hooked it up and we have two awesome giveaways that will make you,instantly, their biggest fan. Check it:
1 – Second place winner gets a limited edition New Mexican Disaster Squad silk screened print done by Richard of NMDS (limited 1 of 80)
1 – First place winner gets a huge New Mexican Disaster prize pack including; the above print, a copy of Don’t Believe on CD, a copy of the Don’t Believe 12″ (on white vinyl and a bonus track not on CD), and some stickers and a button. That shit is insane!

So, if you ever thought you might like New Mexican Disaster Squad, now is the time to find out, just listen to the last 8 minutes of the show to learn how to enter.

As always, feel free to drop us a line at, on MySpace, or under our comments section. We love to hear interesting opinions and always welcome ways to improve the show. Until next time remember, what ever happened to the Old Mexican Disaster Squad?

Interview with Only Crime – Podcast 48

Posted by rich on February 6, 2007

Happy first Tuesday of February! Did you enjoy the Super Bowl? Probably not unless you’re Payton Manning. Seriously, what a clusterfuck of a game. I’m not saying the Colts don’t deserve it but the Bears might as well of shined the Lombardi Trophy for the Colts.

Whatever, what really matters this week is hardcore punk with hardcore punks, namely Senior Russ Rankin of Only Crime. This guy has been involved in more awesome stuff than your sister in a three way with a clown and a painter (you heard right). So listen as we talk to Russ about his expansive punk rock career, his political leanings and what it’s like to play in a band where everyone asks you about the drummer.

Also, we have a chance to ENTER TO WIN!!! a copy of Only Crime’s new album, Virulence. All you need to do is listen to the last eight minutes (give or take) to learn our super easy entry rules, then you can impress your friends with you ability to win awesome free shit. As the saying goes, you can always hit us up at, MySpace and our comments section. And remember, I don’t like decaffeinated teabags.