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Interview with Comadre – Podcast 109

Posted by rich on October 27, 2009

What is up peoples!  In preparation for the eighth annual “The Fest” fest in Gainesville, we’ve posting a special episode featuring a band playing Fest you should all know and love, Comadre!  Not only are these handsome fuckers playing The Fest, not only are they from my hometown of Redwood City, not only are they amazing, but I’m pretty sure some kid in my high school had a boy crush on Jack Shirley (who played in Anti-45 at the time).  So figure that out!

For those who don’t know about Comadre, let me help.  Imagine Kid Dynamite and Refused, combined into a Hulk like creature that then had to fight its way out of a dance rock show.  Sound good?  Probably not, but trust me Comadre is good.  If their music isn’t reason enough to like them, than how about their bitching punk cred?  These guys have toured the world, put out two albums, a split LP and whatever you want to label A Wolf Ticket all pretty much on their own.  Their label, Bloodtown Records, is headed up by band member and one half of “the ultrasexual Shirley Brothers”, Steven Shirley.  These guys are doing shit their own way and they’re doing it right.  Trust me, you’ll want to hear what they got to say.

If all that isn’t reason enough to listen, Comadre, Steven and Bloodtown Records is going to hook some lucky ass up with a great Comadre prize pack, including:
1) The final pressing of the CD/DVD/LP of Burn your Bones (that’s a lot of media for one album)
2) The CD or LP (your choice) of Comdare’s latest, A Wolf Ticket
3) A Comadre t-shirt (please provide your size)

All you have to do is listen and learn how to enter to win!  It’s that simple!  It’s exclamation point fantastic!  As always send us e-mail at SoundSceneRevolution[at]Gmail[dot]com, on Myspace, in our comments section AND NOW ON TWITTER! at!  That’s right, we came crawling, kicking and screaming into the social networking fold.  We’ll be posting interview updates as they happen and will be taking questions and feedback.  Get into it!