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Interview with Whiskey Sunday – Podcast 44

Posted by rich on December 19, 2006

So we’re just about to take a break for the holidays BUT before we do that we feel that we should leave the show on a high note. Unfortunately, as we couldn’t find a really good band, we leave you with Whiskey Sunday. I’m just kidding. But really folks, Whiskey Sunday is comprised of five San Jose locals who take kindly to hard rocking and hard drinking. They’ve been compared to Leather Face and Hot Water Music…and that ain’t too damn bad!

As for what this interview entails, well that’s kind of hard to say. We do talk about music, The Fest and split 7″ but that’s only scratching the surface of this twistedly deep band. We had to cut a large part of this interview because it was just too damn odd. Well, that and you couldn’t hear anything above Dover’s drunken screaming.

What more can you want? Oh, Free Shit? You better believe we talked to Eric, of Whiskey Sunday, and he promised to hook some lucky winner up with some sick Whiskey Sunday gear, you might even get a free shirt, everyone loves that! Just listen to the last eight minutes (or so) to learn how to ENTER TO WIN!!! Also, you can always contact us at, on MySpace or on the comments section.

Enjoy the new year bitches!

Interview with The Forgotten – Podcast 43

Posted by rich on December 12, 2006

For those of you who don’t follow our history, Sound Scene Revolution was originally created to focus on local, Bay Area, bands and underground artists. As we’ve been gaining popularity we continued to bring you underground artists but we’ve been slacking on the local artists, UNTIL NOW!!! This weeks show features a straight forward punk band who is both local and national AND rocks on several different levels. This could only be San Jose’s very own The Forgotten.

For those not in “the know” The Forgotten is a Bay Area staple of old school punk rock, who will be celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2007. Though they’ve been inactive for a little while (due to other commitments and other bands), the boys are back and they’re talking. So listen as we talk about every topic from San Jose’s annually horrid “Downtown Ice” to Joe Strummer and a few things in between.

For those of you who haven’t gotten your holiday shopping done you can ENTER TO WIN some promotional shwag from The Forgotten. Though we don’t know what it is yet, Gordy, from The Forgotten, has promised us some stuff for a give-a-way so be sure to enter and you may get the coolest prize ever…or you may just get a photo of my ass, either way you’re a winner. So listen to the last 8 minutes, at least, to learn how to enter. As always you can hit us up at, on our MySpace or on the comments section on our main page. Enjoy the interview and remember, one more episode till we take a couple of weeks off for a drunken holiday vacation. WOOOOO!!!

Interview with Blue Scholars – Podcast 42

Posted by rich on December 5, 2006

We have officially hit the big swing of the Holiday Season. If you’re not still gorging yourself on leftover (probably salmonella infested by now) turkey, chances are you’re running around trying to get someone that special Chanukah or Christmas gift. And what goes more perfectly with a bevy of Christmas trees and Kwanzaa bushes than a new podcast? NOTHING!!!

But we couldn’t bring you just any old interview. In honor of this joyous season SSR is brining you one of our very few Hip-Hop interviews, featuring Seattle’s coolest S.O.B.’s Sabzi and Geologic of Blue Scholars. Don’t let the current state of mainstream rap fool you, these guys are awesome and DIY to the core. So much so that they even started there own label, Mass Line Media. So if you like complex rhymes and beats with soul these are your boys. If not…you’re just wrong.

Enjoy the interview and be sure to hit us up at, on MySpace or on the comments section. And check in next week as we blow our whole wad before the New Year’s break.
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