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Interview with The Playing Favorites – Podcast 71

Posted by rich on December 4, 2007

Yeah! Shit yeah! What’s better than sitting around talking to Joey Cape? Sitting around talking to Joey Cape about his new band The Playing Favorites, that’s what. Listen as we talk to Mr. Cape about his new project and how awesome it is to do something that isn’t Lagwaon (Sidenote: Joey is really 6′ 7″) and we even get to play some tracks off the new album I Remember When I Was Pretty (the last track we play, “Indigenous”, is my favorite thus far).

Also, Virgil “Vinyl Overlord” Dickerson has been kind enough to hook us up with not one, not two, not four but three awesome prize packs! Each prize pack contains a copy of the Playing Favorites new album I Remember When I Was Pretty on CD and vinyl as well as a Suburban Home Records “I Celebrate Their Entire Catalog” shirt. Listen to the end of this killer broadcast and learn how you can win this amazing prize packs.

Enjoy the humor and insight of Joey and be sure to check back next week as we continue to lower the bar leading into our Christmaskuhwanzavistuseaster break (that’s a whole lotta gifts). As always feel free to drop us a line at, our MySpace, or in the comments section. And remember: Don Imus says…who really cares? Seriously, he looks like a wax statue of himself, gross.