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Interview with imadethismistake – Podcast 89

Posted by rich on November 18, 2008

Welcome to the special, pre-Thanksgiving edition of Sound Scene Revolution. It’s really on Thanksgiving related because I ate a shit ton of Turkey and got drunk and yelled at Sound Guy Nariman. Oh, the Holidays! Help us celebrate with and interview featuring Kylewilliam of the band Imadethismistake. This guy isn’t only a talented songwriter but he has this crazy red hair that makes him look like a Jim Hensen, you know you want some of that. If that doesn’t catch your interest we also talk about, life, music, running The Cottage Records, hobos from Tallehasse and unattractive old people. So tune in and check out that maddness.

Also, we have our contests for mc chris and Austin Lucas still in effect. Listen to the end of those shows to learn how to enter to win all kinds of crazy shit. As always you can contact us at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on myspace or on our comments section. And remember “… I am used to going up against men who are killers; if I am not the best, then I am dead.”

Interview with Austin Lucas – Podcast 88

Posted by rich on November 11, 2008

Remember when we did the Warped Tour show and I interviewed a ton of bands that I knew nothing about? Well, these next couple of weeks are nothing like that. I recently went to The Fest, in Gainesville, and had a chance to talk to some artists I’ve known and loved for a long time. First up is the amazing Austin Lucas.

Austin is a folk singer who used to (and still does occasionally) front crust and grind bands. Despite that odd history, Austin is very much a traditional folk musician. His father, Bob Lucas, played traditional folk and taught Austin the music as a child. Now that he’s come into his own, Austin plays soulful folk, with enough punch to attract even the most jaded punk. Many people know Austin for his album with Chuck Ragan, Bristle Ridge, but Austin is very much a talented and accomplished musician in his own right. Please check out the show and learn more about this awesome musician.

We have a chance for you to win Austin’s first LP, The Common Cold. This was pressed only in Europe and is out off 500 and is long out of print (holy run on sentence!). Listen to the last 8 minutes, or so, of the show for the rules on entry. And as always, be sure to drop use a line at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on MySpace or here in our comments section and remember, “his choice, basically, is whether he is going to be Uncle Sam for the people of this country or Uncle Tom for the giant corporations”.

Interview with Girl Talk – Podcast 87

Posted by rich on November 4, 2008

Welcome to a historic episode of Sound Scene Revolution. An episode that not only demonstrates our commitment to bring you new content but an episode that occurs on a day that will live in American history forever. Today is a day where the world see’s the we can live up to our true potential. That we are as open minded as we say and that we choose based on qualifications and not superficial traits. Today, is the first time ever that Sound Scene Revolution has featured an electronic musician on their show. Take note.

Noted? Good. So today we post an interview we did with Gregg Gillis, AKA Girl Talk. Greg seems like a pretty normal dude, except he makes great “mash ups” and he happens to dance around half naked in front of hordes of fans. So if you like normal dudes who rule, you should dig Girl Talk.

Enjoy the show and hit us up at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, MySpace or here on the comments and remember, vote early and vote often. I’m voting three times today.