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Interviews at Warped Tour (Part 2) – Podcast 30

Posted by rich on August 8, 2006

This week we bring you the fantastic second edition of our Warped Tour interviews. So sit back and enjoy music and interviews from The Living end and Every Time I Die. One band is Australian and plays an upright bass, one is American and has a music video featuring Michael Madsen, I’ll let you decide who is who. However, I will tell you that urine, Revolver magazine, and giant hair is discussed.
As these bands are both much to famous to give us stuff (and we didn’t want to ask as Warped Tour is draining enough) we will simply be running our Akimbo contest for another week. So check out the end of last weeks broadcast to learn how to enter to win fabulous prizes. As always, you can hit us up at, on MySpace or under the comments section. Enjoy and check back next week for continued heights of awesomeness.