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Interview with Greg MacPherson – Podcast 7

Posted by rich on December 6, 2005

Welcome back! After stuffing ourselves on turkey and celebrating national genocide we’ve decided to head on back with an out of country interview. That’s right, we here at SSR just sat down with a real live Canadian. Not just any Canadian but Winnipeg’s own Greg MacPherson. That’s right, just before opening for Propagandhi on their Crimean Tour, Mr. MacPherson took a few minutes to sit down and humor us Southern Yanks.

This was actually Greg’s very first time in California and it was our first time interviewing a Canadian. So, as you can imagine, there was a high degree of caution on both sides. However, as the interview went on both of us warmed up and ended up probably sharing more than we should of. Honestly, Greg is one of the nicest and most honest musicians I’ve ever met. This may explain my fast growing Man-crush that I have with him. None the less, I suggest you take the time to find out about one of Canada’s most interesting and engaging artists. Please do not look him in the eyes though, lest he steal your soul and your heart.

To keep you interested, next week we should have one of our biggest guests to date. I only hesitate to name names for fear that God won’t let us actually succeed in our task. So if you really want to know are hugely rocking guest for next week, you’re just going to have to listen next Tuesday. As always, if you want to contact us you can reach us at, or on our comments section. All comments are welcome, even if you just want to profess your man crush on Mr. MacPherson. Thanks for reading.