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Interview with Jason Webley – Podcast 14

Posted by rich on January 31, 2006

So Happy Chinese New Year! Though I’m not Chinese I’d like to believe my insatiable love of their food would qualify for reason to cheer. Another reason to cheer is this week’s interview with sing/songwriter/accordionist/vegetable rights activist Jason Webley. I’ve been a huge fan of Jason’s work for the last few years so I leapt and grabbed at the opportunity to talk to him, even if it was in a shady basement, in a shady area of shady San Francisco (it was quite dark with all that shade).

Honestly though, I was super stoked about this interview. And what’s cooler is I got to do it in nearly an ideal setting, the creepy basement of some hole-in-the-wall club that was illuminated solely by red lights. Sure it was a strange location but it seemed to ooze the perfect atmosphere for Jason. So trust me when I say that this is an interview you want to listen to if you’re a fan of Jason Wesley or if you just want to hear a guy who’s freakin’ awesome.

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P.S. we’d also like to mention the name of Mr. Webley’s proposed record label is not “Beep”. We were simply asked to remove the name, to avoid potential complications while Jason finalizes securing it. So, we know something you don’t. Nah nah nah nah nah nah.