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Interview with La Plebe – Podcast 15

Posted by rich on February 7, 2006

So, we’ve been on time for three weeks in a row, it’s about time we fucked up again isn’t it? Well too bad, because this week we have another killer band you’re going to want to hear about. The band in question has not only toured the West Coast and Mexico and has plans to tour Europe. Not only are they the first bilingual band we’ve had on the show (remember ArnoCorps only sings in English). Not only do the rock hard enough to make your fat mom get up in dance. But, they also have a singer with a mowhawk that has to be at least 8 inches tall.

Who could possibly embody so much awesomeness and not distort this very plane of existence? None other than San Francisco’s very own La Plebe (which according to some on-line translator means The Populace). These guys probably personify everything rocking about good music; wide array of influences, solid work ethic, awesome tattoos and if that ain’t enough they also have horns! But don’t confuse La Plebe for a ska band. These guys are nothing but straight ahead, balls out rock music. So give them a listen, if not for yourself than for the fact that you can tell your friends you’re listening to a Latin influenced band (world music is all the rage amongst pseudo intellectuals these days). So just shut your mouth and listen and check out their shows. If you don’t thank me for it later you’re an unappreciative jerk.

So that’s all for this week. Be sure to check back every Tuesday as we push the very envelope of awesome to its breaking point. As always feel free to hit our comments section, drop us a line at, or try joining us on MySpace. Speaking of which, please tell us how to get more MySpace friends. Do we need to have crappy pictures of us holding cameras looking in a mirror? More pictures of Nariman shirtless? Or do we just need some shitty background with fairies and princesses and shit? Help us out so we can continue to bring you the high quality content that you want and deserve.