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Interview with Love Me Destroyer – Podcast 53

Posted by rich on March 27, 2007

We kind of fell off the face of the earth for a little while so let me explain…We totally suck. Actually, we just wanted to make sure we had some good shows lined up. We hate taking weeks off as much as you hate late updates. The only thing we hate more than late shows is doing a show half assed. So, instead we opted to take a few weeks off, gather up some shows so this way we have a little buffer so we don’t need to fall behind or simply slap together a show with some shit band.

To usher in our triumphant return we are bringing you a great interview and contest. The band is none other than Denver, Colorado’s best punk band of 2005, Love Me Destroyer (last years award went to Prince, go figure). If you’re not familiar with Love Me Destroyer, you should be. They play a great blend of technical and melodic hard rock and they write a fucking killer power ballad.

We sat down with Scooter, Ryan and Cody to discuss their new album, Guitar Hero II, The Departed, threesomes with black chicks and trying new things with dudes. If you think you misread any of that, you didn’t, it’s just that crazy. This interview is equal parts hilarity, informational and offensive. It’s like a naked potato sack race with the guys from NPR.

If that’s not enough to get you to listen, Suburban Home Records has hooked us up, again, with crazy shit to give away. We’re talking CD’s, pint glasses and all sorts of good shit.

[I’d like to take an aside to really thank the fine people at Suburban Home. We know we’re just some shit podcast but these guys have treated as well as we could have asked for. Suburban Home is easy to work with and just genuinely good people. Now go buy their shit so they don’t have to move it all].

Be sure to listen to (at least) the last 8 minutes of the podcast to learn how to enter to win. Be sure to send us your thoughts at, on MySpace and our comments section. And remember, Love Me Destroyer: Try new things with dudes.