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Interview with Blue Scholars – Podcast 42

Posted by rich on December 5, 2006

We have officially hit the big swing of the Holiday Season. If you’re not still gorging yourself on leftover (probably salmonella infested by now) turkey, chances are you’re running around trying to get someone that special Chanukah or Christmas gift. And what goes more perfectly with a bevy of Christmas trees and Kwanzaa bushes than a new podcast? NOTHING!!!

But we couldn’t bring you just any old interview. In honor of this joyous season SSR is brining you one of our very few Hip-Hop interviews, featuring Seattle’s coolest S.O.B.’s Sabzi and Geologic of Blue Scholars. Don’t let the current state of mainstream rap fool you, these guys are awesome and DIY to the core. So much so that they even started there own label, Mass Line Media. So if you like complex rhymes and beats with soul these are your boys. If not…you’re just wrong.

Enjoy the interview and be sure to hit us up at, on MySpace or on the comments section. And check in next week as we blow our whole wad before the New Year’s break.
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