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Interview with Mike Hale – Podcast 59

Posted by rich on May 15, 2007

I want to first and foremost take a second to say we will be out of internet for a couple of weeks. We should be back late May or early June but for now Sound Guy Nariman and myself are going to take some time to drink fruity drinks and do manly stuff. Secondly, we’d like to thank all of the people who have taken time to write us, enter contests and just listen to the show. We love doing this dumb show and we love it even more that people listen and it absolutely blows our minds that people like it…I figure 90% of the interest is due to Chicken and Brendan Kelly but we appreciate the love.

We have a super great interview with Mike Hale (Gunmoll, In the Red and solo artist), with some information you totally don’t want to miss.
A new contest where you can win a CD-R (burned by Mike Hale himself) of Mike Hale’s unreleased solo work, to go along with the new CD you’ll get a 7″ of Mr. Chuck Ragan. What 7″? The limited release of two songs off his upcoming Side One Dummy (I think I say BYO in the show), that happens to be hand numbered 315 of 600 and signed by Mr. Ragan. So that’s a limited CD-R, unavailable to the public AND a limited edition, autographed 7″. Dude you have it so easy. So listen to the last 8 minutes and learn how to enter…DO IT!

We’ll see you kids in a couple of weeks. Enjoy the time off and take it as an opportunity to think about Sound Scene Revolution has enriched your lives in the last year and a half OR just promise to come back when we return.