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Interview with Mike Park – Podcast 4

Posted by rich on November 1, 2005

Before we kick this week off I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Belated Halloween. This is clearly one of the best holidays, featuring no crappy religious overtones and offering free candy. I hope everyone had a great time, and didn’t get too drunk and/or stuffed with candy and pumpkin related food items.

So this week we shared couch space with the legendary “nice guy” Mike Park. Before we dive into this interview let me say, Mike seems to be more of a “normal” than a “nice” guy. That isn’t to say he’s mean but he doesn’t come off as trying to be overtly nice. More than anything Mike Park just seems at ease with himself and his surroundings. He seemed to treat us with great respect and talked to us like people and not some nerds trying to conduct a silly interview. Perhaps that’s the discrepancy; Mike Park is a genuinely good human not merely some “nice guy”.

Anyhow, enough philosophical crap. Along with being easy to get along with Mike has some great stories and even better causes, all of which we talk about in here. Please check out Asian Man Records and Plea for Peace, both companies are worthy of your money, I promise.

In a somewhat related issue, in this interview I make mention of Springman Records having some difficulties. I have no urge to start internet rumor mills turning, but I will say my extent of Springman’s problems come from their distributor issues (which they’ve talked about) and a message board conversation with Avi (seen here). I do not know how the label is doing at this exact moment but I certainly wish them all the best.

So be sure to catch us next week when we should have an interview with one of Fat Wreck Chords newest bands Western Addiction. Until then please feel free to hit us up at, or on or comments section.