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Interview with Street to Nowhere – Podcast 12

Posted by rich on January 17, 2006

So, welcome back to the wonderful world of independent music and the slobs that bring it to you. This week we got to sit down with a delightful young man who you’re bound to see on the front of your Teen People or Ym-18 or whatever kids magazines are called these days. I am referring, of course, to Dave, the lead singer and songwriter for Oakland based Street to Nowhere.

Now, I’ll be honest when I say there was a good amount of initial hesitancy when Dave agreed to do the interview. Though I had heard good things about his band I was also aware that he was a very different artist than any we had featured on SSR. I was also aware (after attending a Street to Nowhere show January 4 th at Bottom of the Hill) he had a fairly large female following. Now, I have nothing against women I’m just of the belief that bands with primarily female followings tend to suck (see: any boy band, Fallout Boy, My Chemical Romance, GG Allin, you get the idea).

So what made me get over my initial hesitations and go through with this interview? The sheer need to have content for this week. However, I am incredibly glad I took the time to talk with Dave. I feel this interview sheds light on him not only as an artist but also as a real person. Dave seems really grounded and honest. Beyond that he seems to be in music for the right reasons, gold phones and crystal ears (you have to listen to get that joke). And after really listening to Streets to Nowhere’s Charmingly Awkward, I’ve learned women may not have exclusively shitty taste in music. So check out Dave in this exclusive interview and then be sure to go to his shows and buy his album, band shirts and STN ties (no joke).

So be sure that after you enjoy this interview you send us lots of loving e-mails at and on our comment board and on our Myspace page. Till next time, keep your ears tuned in and await the next truly awesome band we deliver to you.