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Interview with The Cliftons – Podcast 9

Posted by rich on December 20, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Now that that’s out of the way, we (the fine men who bring you SSR) have an early Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza gift for you all (they do give gifts at Kwanza, right?). This week we bring you an interview with the Bay Areas own The Cliftons! So why is this special? Two reasons, the first being that it clocks in at record time. Since The Cliftons songs are just barely over a minute each, it’s only fair that the whole interview is just over 14 minutes long. Scant by traditional SSR standards.

The second reason this broadcast is special is slightly more disturbing. Let’s just say there is currently a long list of death row inmates who would consider The Cliftons music, “sick and fucked up”. Needless to say it’s even odder to hear it when the members are talking to your face without the distortion of guitars or “singing”. That is why we ask you to take the following precaution: if you have children and plan to listen to this interview, please, kill them. Then they will never grow up having to live in a world where they know mommy or daddy listened to (and probably laughed at) this filth.

In all truth The Cliftons are a band that people either consider funny or stupid and offensive. Whether that is because one side “gets” the band or not we don’t know. However, we believe these guys are hard working musicians who deserve any recognition they can get. So check them out and send your hate mail to and we’ll forward it to the boys in the band.

There most likely won’t be a new interview next week. We might, however, post a full download of songs from artists we’ve interviewed. This all depends on how lazy we are. Regardless, don’t expect an interview but check back just to keep our website hits up. Until then keep the feedback coming and be sure to tell your friends about us and join our myspace “friends” list, it’s what Tom wouldn’t want you to do.