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Interview with The Flatliners – Podcast 79

Posted by rich on August 5, 2008

True story, we’ve actually been airing episodes for the last three months and not telling you. Not only have we been airing them but they’ve been the best thing we’ve ever done. Hell you’ve probably even heard some and had no idea. You were probably like, “This podcast is so good! It’s way better than Sound Scene Revolution”. Well guess what? You’re wrong! So just assume we’re the best podcast and that anything better is probably us incognito (speaking of, am I the only one who thought it’d be funny if there was a gay X-Men called In-Magneto? Really?).

Now that we’re done fooling you with our superior abilities let me break this week on down for you. This week we’re airing some old shit we did with the Flatliners back when they were on tour with The Loved Ones. Being they’re from Canada I wanted to make sure I asked them all the important questions like, “How do you guys do strip clubs since you only have $1 coins?” and “What’s it like being America’s jaunty party hat?”. The guys weren’t only kind enough to answer but they were even pretty funny.

So check it out and send us your personal info to or our MySpace and let us know how awesome we are, like we don’t know. And in the immortal words of John McCain, “I told her [my wife] with a little luck, she could be the only woman ever to serve as both the first lady and Miss Buffalo Chip.”