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Interview with The Loved Ones – Podcast 21

Posted by rich on June 6, 2006

So, you’re back, eh? Well, since you keep coming back, I guess we have to keep providing your lazy ass with stuff to listen to. This week’s interview comes from a night of hard work (read as: sitting around the whole night as the band shuffled around the interview time). However, it was totally worth it as we got to sit down in the back of a van/truck/tour bus thing with Philadelphia’s favorite stepsons, The Loved Ones.

For those of you who don’t know, The Loved Ones are three totally awesome (and totally varying in height) guys who have played in several awesome bands (Paint it Black, Trial by Fire and The Curse). Somehow, through construction and a shared love of alcohol, they came together to form a band that blends heavy songs with pop melodies. Sure other bands have said they do that, but The Loved Ones actually do it. Oh, and they don’t suck either.

Also, we don’t have a new contest this week but we will be continuing last weeks Teenage Bottlerocket/Red Scare contest (as it has two winners it should take up two weeks, right?). Anyhow if you want to enter shoot us an e-mail at, send us a message on MySpace or see our comments section. And next week we’ll return with more AWESEOME PRIZES!! So, enjoy and remember to keep those e-mails coming.