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Interview with Theo and the Skyscrapers – Podcast 27

Posted by rich on July 18, 2006

“Welcome to hell, bitch!” Martin Lawrence – Nothing to Lose

I doubt one quote has ever summed up my feelings about weather and politics so well. However, to help you cool out and relax in this time of unending heat and political turmoil we bring you one of the coolest bands around, Theo and the Skyscrapers.

For those who don’t know Theo and the Skyscrapers features both Theo (of the Lunnachicks) and Sean (of Toilet Boys). But don’t let the history fool you, this band is a brand new creation. Imagine those bands who say their influences range from Slayer to Blondie, now imagine if their music actually reflected that. Well, Theo and The Skyscrapers music does. It’s an eclectic mix of hard rock and new wave pop, and it rules.

This shit is so good that we are giving away two copies of their debut self titled CD/DVD. That’s TWO discs for the price of none, you can’t possibly beat that. So listen to the last 8 minutes or so to learn how to enter to win (I’ll give you a clue, it involves sending you information to As always, say hi at , our MySpace page or on the comments section.

I’m going to sit in a tub of ice.