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Interview with Whole Wheat Bread – Podcast 63

Posted by rich on July 31, 2007

Another week, another interview. This week with Jacksonville, Florida’s Whole Wheat Bread. Not only nutritious but a delicious part of rocking out. So enjoy as we talk to the Florida trio about former members, touring the country and hanging with Lil’ John, it’s African American-tastic!

Along with an interview we have a new chance to ENTER TO WIN!!!, where you can get a brand new copy of Whole Wheat Bread’s Punk Live EP, it’s sourdough-rific. So, listen to the interview and get on that shit.

Other than that, we’re still running the Asian Manniversary contest, but that’s it. So send us a line at, on Myspace, or in the comments section. And remember, plastic Jesus beats paper Jesus, but not scissors Jesus.