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Interview with Meat Hammer – Podcast 1

Posted by rich on October 11, 2005

So first off I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to listen to (or at least check out) our very first broadcast. I’ll admit it’s a little rough but it’s our first show, so cut us some slack. We here at SSR are always looking to improve so please drop us a line, either on our comments section or at But, please spare us the “That band sucks” comments. If you’re in a better band and you plan to be in the San Jose Area let us know and we’ll gladly fuck up an interview with your band.

Anyhow, our first show is with San Jose aural masters Meat Hammer. We pretty much figured this was a good idea for a first show because the guys in the band are funny as hell and they’re our friends, so if we mess up too bad we can always re-record it. If you have any trouble deciphering who is who just remember Ryan is the one who does most of the talking, Alex is the one who talks too loudly and sounds like he’s swallowing the mic and Greg is the low gravely voice that says about five things and is in it for “chicks and money”. Do them a favor and check them out on MySpace, or go to their shows. Just don’t stand too close to Alex, especially if you’re female and under 14 years old.

I hope you enjoy our show and be sure to check back every Tuesday for more updates, interviews and music form Bay Area locals and under ground artists. In addition, I hope to add sections to the site, like a news area and a Bay Area concert calendar. I do, however, work remarkably slow, on account of I usually use a computer solely to look at porn, so don’t hold your breath. That’s all for now, and if you’re in a local band and you’d like to be on SSR, send us an e-mail, we always want to hear from you.

  1. Jimmy Said,

    Funny interview. Couldn’t really hear some of the questions.

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