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Interview with Jerry from Requiem – Podcast 2

Posted by rich on October 18, 2005

You said it couldn’t be done, and yet here we are again to bring you show number two! This time we share our bandwidth with Jerry, the lead vocalist for the band Requiem. For those of you who don’t know, Requiem is a five piece out of Salinas. So what do they sound like? If you can’t get your lazy ass to listen to the songs on the stream you don’t deserve shit. Alright, so the reality is I don’t know how exactly to classify them. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear them is old Thrice, I mean pre Artist in the Ambulance, and maybe even pre Illusion of Safety. Not that the necessarily sound alike, but the raw energy and the musical talent are definitely overriding factors. We contemplated labeling it “Butt Rock” but we make a couple of jokes at the bands expense (including an inability to remember Jerry’s last name) and we don’t want to upset them. In reality they’re awesome musicians and nice guys, I promise.

I also promise some big interviews in the weeks to come. We’re talking artist who have sold in the four figures and have toured not only America but other places (until we find out what to call places that aren’t America they’ll just be called Not-America). We’re talking about people who have played in bands you might have heard of! At the moment I won’t reveal any names because I know I’ll fuck it up if I say anything. So, just hold tight and pray for us and any money would be appreciated.

Speaking of giving us stuff, I’ve decided we should have the tagline “Sound Scene Revolution: until you start paying us or giving us free stuff, we don’t give a shit”. I don’t know if that’s final but it’s something I’m kicking around. Another idea was, “Sound Scene Revolution: it’s what Lando Calrissian would want you to listen to”. But that gets into a whole copyright issue. Regardless, if you have any questions or comments hit us up at or use our message board (which is now back up and running for all two of you who care). Thanks again, and be sure to check back in the coming weeks for more awesome guests.

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