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Interview with Push To Talk – Podcast 11

Posted by rich on January 3, 2006

So we finally got our shit together and here it is, this weeks interview with Push to Talk. So why the hell should you care? Not only are these guys an awesome band and a funny interview, not only do they have an album coming out on Doghouse Records and a national tour in the works BUT they played a show in front of Carson Daly. That’s right people, Carson “T-R-Muthafucking-L” Daly. So really what more do you need or want?

The story behind this interview is that Push to Talk keyboardist (Brett) went to a little private school known as Junipero Serra in San Mateo. Here he played bass in a band called Spishak (with Nate of Push to Talk). They played shows, put out some albums, played with American Steel and then decided that oiling up dudes was more important than rock. I lost track of Brett for several years before I finally found he’d resurfaced with Push to Talk. Excited to utilize nepotism to fill up empty slots in our schedule we set up an interview. I didn’t know at the time that I’d really end up liking the music that they play or that they’d be an awesome interview but I did and they are. So you should really listen, plus this interview may cure herpes (just like dianetics cures illness).

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