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No Podcast This Week

Posted by rich on January 10, 2006

Oh man, we suck again! So it seems that even though last weeks podcast was delayed we still couldn’t get our shit together in time and we missed this weeks too. Alright, it’s not totally our fault. See we were supposed to interview this totally rad local band (who will remain unnamed as to not point fingers) but we were supposed to do it at this church they were playing at. Well, apparently the house of God doesn’t have a quiet room for interviews and requires a $9 cover, so fuck that. For some reason or another we never managed to reschedule the interview and it may end up getting scrapped. This would be awful as I really wanted to interview this band and we always need content. So pray hard and maybe we’ll still get this interview up (just don’t pray to the Christian God as he apparently hates us and likes to screw kids out of money).

Other than that keep your ears tuned up. I promise the next three or so weeks will bring totally awesome interviews with artists who are either already awesome or fast on their way to total awesomeness. So stay tuned, check out our myspace and drop us a line at

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