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Interview with Tera Melos – Podcast 16

Posted by rich on February 21, 2006

Alright, I just moved and I’m practically typing this thing on top of a cardboard box so no long ass entry today. Long story short we got a killer interview with Tera Melos. These dudes aren’t only massively talented, not only do they have a killer live show but they were also one of the Associated Press (the only AP that matters) most overlooked bands of 2005. An honor they shared with Stryper…FUCKING STRYPER!

Anyhow, these guys are seriously phenomenal and I highly suggest you see them live and buy their album. Otherwise you’re just a nerd. Anyhow, hit us up at, MySpace or our message boards. We love to hear from y’all. So keep checking back and always offer your suggestions, we know we’re not perfect but we try.


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