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Interview with 8-Bit – Podcast 19

Posted by rich on May 23, 2006

So it’s been an interesting little break. I’m sure you guys barely missed us what with the season finales of Lost, Will and Grace and Some other shit. We decided to skip the big frenzy of May finales (April too) and instead log an assload of killer interviews that we will now unleash on you to kick off the summer months.

So how do we start off this ass whooping of new music? How about a band of rapping robots from Los Angeles called 8-Bit. That work for you? It fucking better. 8-Bit are by far one of the most interesting and unique acts we have ever had the honor to talk to. Not only can these rapping robots out drink your entire family but they also have stories involving Beck and Dr. Phil (so you need to hear this shit).

Along with new music we’ve decided to offer you guys some incentive to listen, so we’re giving away free shit. That’s right, starting today we’re going to start giving away free shit. If you want to know how to win, simply listen to this weeks podcast and we’ll tell you how to entry and what you’ll win.

So tune in, enter to win free shit and be sure to drop us a line on Myspace or

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