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Interview with Cougars – Podcast 22

Posted by rich on June 13, 2006

So for those of you who aren’t busy mourning the fact that June 6 wasn’t the apocalypse. we got something for your monkey ass. This week we get to sit down with a band that has played with everyone from Pigmy Love Circus to The Broadways. This week we’re proud to bring you some time with the Windy City’s own Cougars.

For those of you who don’t know this band (and won’t take the time to listen to the songs) I’ll attempt to explain their sound. Cougars are similar to a violent death scene in a zombie movie or a baby seal getting clubbed to death. It’s pounding, never extremely fast and it continues to bludgeon you till your eyes bleed (oh and they have horns too). And just like the finer things, like zombie flicks or seal skin slippers, their sound may not be for everyone. But, for those of us who like this music, it’s second to none.

So be sure to check it out as we have TWO EXCLUSIVES THIS WEEK. First, we have a new, unreleased Cougars track off of the upcoming Thick Records compilation. Make no mistake, this is NOT a Pillow Talk b-side, this is a newly recorded Cougars masterpiece. Also, we have a NEW CONTEST where you can enter to win a copy of Pillow Talk (the Cougars latest album) as well as some cool Cougars stuff. Be sure to listen to the first and last four minutes (before the first and last song) of the broadcast to get entry rules. As always we love this internet thing so be sure to say “hi” at, on our comments section or on MySpace. See you lazy bastards next week.

  1. Dex Said,

    Holy crap! Awesome. May want to bring down the levels on that last track at the end… it's way distorted! Good times.

    – Cheers

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