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Interview with DESA – Podcast 23

Posted by rich on June 20, 2006

No crap intro this week, just a quick explanation. This week we talk with Oakland, California’s coolest band that used to have members in Link 80, DESA. All you really need to know about these guys is that they rock hard, real hard (and they live in the nicest ghetto you’ve ever been afraid to leave your car in). They’re on tour right now with RX Bandits and they have a new album out called Arriving Alive that blows away any of their previous stuff we play on this show. So, I highly suggest you get it.

Now if you’re unfortunate enough that the tour isn’t coming to your town (or you’re too poor to buy a CD), we’ve hooked it up with DESA so that one lucky listener will get a free copy of their new CD and a DESA t-shirt (which are designed by Aaron of DESA). So be sure to listen to the last of the segment and ENTER TO WIN!

In the meantime, we’re always on at MySpace or email us at Keep checking back for more music and free stuff.

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