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Interview with Dead To Me – Podcast 25

Posted by rich on July 4, 2006

So let’s keep this simple as I have beer to drink and fireworks to watch. This week we talk with Chicken and Ian of the San Francisco, CA band Dead to Me. This band has members from both One Man Army and Western Addiction. How can it not rock? Answer: It must rock!

This isn’t so much an interview as it is me trying to contain the insanity that is Chicken. So if you want something that’s more funny than informative, this is your Podcast. Also we have a chance to ENTER TO WIN a free copy of Dead To Me’s debut album Cuban Ballerina. So check out the end of the broadcast to figure out how to get free shit. Also, drop us a line at, on our MySpace (which is blowing up son!), or on our comments section right here on the webpage. So check it out and enjoy this amazing week in American independence.

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