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Interview with World/Inferno Friendship Society – Podcast 31

Posted by rich on August 15, 2006

This week marks a milestone, not necessarily for us at SSR, but for humanity as a whole. This week is the official release of one of the greatest pieces of cinema du force ever, Snakes on a Plane. Seriously, have the jokes gotten old? Sure. Is it going to be a mark of pop culture embarrassment years from now? Probably. Am I going to be there opening weekend? Absolutely.

And with that we at SSR bring you our very special (in no way related to) Snakes on a Plane episode, featuring the snakiest band around The World/Inferno Friendship Society. This ruckus group of east coasters may think everyone and everything about California stinks but we still can’t help but love them. So check out the interview and learn about Jack Tericlothes machete induced appendectomy, how they got kicked off tour with Mindless Self Indulgence and the origins of WWJD (What Would Jack Do). PLUS, bonus, guest interviewer Justin (a.k.a. Fuzzy) from

In addition we will be giving away TWO copies of World/Inferno’s new album Red-Eyed Soul (and let me tell you, your soul has red eyes because it just got its ass kicked by this rocking album). Honestly (and internet ass kissing aside) this is one of the best albums of the year, period. So listen to the last 8 minutes (at least) to learn how to ENTER TO WIN. As always send us love and hate care of, our MySpace or on the comments section (especially if you have a name like Balls Mahoney). So take care and fly safe, because if it’s not snakes on your plane you need to worry about, apparently it’s baby formula.

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