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Interview with Chuck Ragan – Podcast 32

Posted by rich on August 22, 2006

So for those of you not wrapped up in the uneventful 24 hour news coverage of a 10 year old murder case, we have a new and exciting interview. This week we talk with a musician, carpenter and fisherman. I mean none other than the eclectic Chuck Ragan.

Now if that name sounds familiar it’s not just because his name has the same pronunciation as a former president. Chuck fronted a couple of little Florida swamp bands by the name of Hot Water Music and Rumbleseat. Now a days Chuck is taking time to churn out some amazing solo music that is high in a rockatude, even if it’s low on electrical instruments. This is the only man who can knowledgably discuss major touring, shark tacos and Afro Cuban Jazz. Truly this interview has it all.

Not only do we have some of the only live recorded Chuck Ragan solo material we have a chance for you to win some as well. Just listen to the end of our broadcast (last 8 minutes) to learn how to enter to win. Also, you can send us messages at, on our MySpace or on the comment sections on the main page. Enjoy, because next week we go back to the chaos that is interviewing whole bands.

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