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Interview with A Wilhelm Scream – Podcast 33

Posted by rich on August 29, 2006

This week we have something even more exciting than a debacle in a ten year old murder case, that’s right it’s A Wilhelm Scream (not just an exciting sound effect). These Massachusans are not only the kings of soon to be pin up teen heart throbs, they’re also one of the best young technical punk bands around. We got the chance to talk with Nuno and new bassist Brian (and knowing how this band goes through bassists this may be the only time you hear from him) about such fine topics as touring, being recognized at Best Buy and how awesomely unawesome Warped Tour is. We even took time to tackle the big issues regarding Dexter Holland and Anarchy Airlines!

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS PANDA FUN TIME!!!: Once again Justin from PunkNews.Org finagled his way onto the show. I’m not sure about the details about how he got on the show but I believe it has something to do with me asking him. Anyhow, he throws a couple of funny lines out there so keep an ear out for him.

Finally, we have a new contest were you can win a FREE copy of A Wilhelm Scream’s The Benefits of Thinking Out Loud and a CAN COZY! It’s like Christmas in your internet and A Wilhelm Scream is coming! Be sure to listen to the last 8 minutes or so to learn how to enter. And your continued contact through, our MySpace and the comments section always makes us smile (even if it’s only at your horrible grammar). So keep coming back and we’ll keep asking the questions you never wanted to know the answers to.

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