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Interview with Dr. Know – Podcast 34

Posted by rich on September 12, 2006

You asked for it, your got it! What’s that? You didn’t ask for it? Well you still got it, bitch! After a week of unexplained absence we have returned with an interview from the Nardiest band around, Dr. Know!

Listen, as Brandon Cruz talks about singing with Dr. Know and The Dead Kennedy’s. Marvel, as the band explains the roots of Nardcore. Wonder, “what the fuck was he thinking?” as I suggest the band do a Journey cover. And ENTER TO WIN!! a copy of the Best of Dr. Know and some other free shit.

So enjoy and enter the contest. Worse comes to worse, you win and sell it used at a local record store. C’mon you know you wanna! As always hit us up at , on our MySpace or on the comments section. Keep tuned as next week promises to be more insulting than before.

  1. jorge Said,

    His name is Brandon, not Bradon.I'm sure it's a typo, but hey, it should be correct. Also Nard-Core as you spelled it, is one word, Nardcore.

    I'm glad to see this. Thanks.

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