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Interview with Strike Anywhere – Podcast 39

Posted by rich on October 31, 2006

So with a pressing election coming up (that’s for those of you who care enough to stop playing Final Fantasy whateverthehell long enough to notice) we figured it’d be prime time to slap you in the face with some well deserved politics. Not from us, of course, but from Richmond Virginia’s hometown hero’s Strike Anywhere.

We recently sat down with Thomas and talked about everything from Virginian politicians, to how you pay rent. And, let me be the thousandth person to say, Thomas is fucking smart. Not just like, “Oh, I have a PHD and like to look down on people” smart, like “Hey, I actually understand shit and can explain it to you” smart. Add to that an intense set of dreadlocks and you got a recipe for an awesome interview.

As per usual we have a BRAND NEW CONTEST where you can ENTER TO WIN a copy of Strike Anywhere’s latest CD Dead FM as well as other cool band shwag. Be sure to check out the last eight minutes to get the full scoop on entering. And always hit us up at, at MySpace or on the comments section. I’m serious, we actually read at least 30% of all the shit we receive (I’ve already refinanced my house and begun a penis enlarging pill regimen thanks to peoples friendly e-mails).

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