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Interview with The Sainte Catherines – Podcast 40

Posted by rich on November 7, 2006

In a continuing effort to bring you music from people who are not our immediate friends or family, we recently spoke with on of Canada’s greatest six piece bands. Not only do these guys play killer punk rock with three guitars, not only do they speak no less than two languages, not only do they manage to tear through at least 5 vans and as many transmissions but they also have some sort of music award shaped like moose antlers. You better believe The Sainte Catherines have it all.

And you better believe we talk about it all in this interview. From hot tubs to Hugo signing some guy’s girlfriend’s breast we cover every topic you would want to know about (I think music is mentioned once or twice as well). Not to mention a special appearance but Santa Cruz security guard Mr. Willie Nelson Look-a-Like.

If that isn’t exciting enough we have a copy of The Sainte Catherines’ Fat Wreck Chords debut Dancing for Decadence AND a free t-shirt to give away. It’s like French Canadian Christmas without the limbo (trust me, it’s in Wikipedia). So listen to the last 8 minutes to learn how to ENTER TO WIN!!!! As always hit us up at, on MySpace or on the comments section. You’re feedback is the only thing that allows us to live (sort of like the blood of babies and the government).

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