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Interview with Leftöver Crack – Podcast 41

Posted by rich on November 14, 2006

So, how does one top an interview with Quebec’s hometown heroes of awesome? With an interview featuring New York’s favorite squatter punks. You know it has to be Leftöver Crack. More specifically Stza (Scott Sturgeon) and Ezra (Ezra Kire).

This is more than just an interview, this is a glance into one of the most misunderstood bands of all time. They’ve been banned from venues, shit talked on message boards and they claim Tim Armstrong (owner of Hellcat Records) hates Stza more than his ex-wife. This is right up there with Rush Limbaugh making fun of Michael J. Fox on the controversial factor.

Along with a great interview you can ENTER TO WIN a copy of Leftöver Crack’s latest full length Fuck World Trade. This album created controversy with everything from its title to the artwork, to the lyrical content. You already downloaded it anyhow, so get a legit copy. Just check out the last eight minutes to get the low down. As always tell how much you love or hate us at, on MySpace or on the comments section. Next week we plan to kick off big before we go on Turkey Day vacation, so check it out!!!

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