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Interview with Nothington – Podcast 46

Posted by rich on January 16, 2007

Hey there podcastees. Well after starting off the New Year with a mediocre fizzle we’ve decided to kick things up a notch by bringing you a new, up and coming, state of the art, highly improved, version 30.6…you get the idea. So who could be worth all this praise? I’ll give you a hint it’s a band with members who have been in Tsunami Bomb, Enemy You and Time Spent Driving. If you guessed Nothington, you’re absolutely magical!

Nothington is amazing for more reason than band association. These guys managed to go from their first show to the release of their first album in six months! Add to that the fact that they’re the first new band on BYO Records in two years. Then multiply that by their music which is an awesome blend of beardcore and punk rock and you have an equation for awesome. Trust me, in two years you’re going to want to be able to tell all you friends that you liked these guys first.

If all the rocking awesomeness isn’t reason enough to listen perhaps the chance to ENTER TO WIN!!! a copy of Nothington’s debut 7″ and a Nothington t-shirt (size large) is reason enough. Be sure to check out the last eight minutes to learn how to enter. As we usually beg feel free to hit us up at, on our MySpace or on the comments section on the main page. And remember, if you don’t listen to the internet, it will listen to you.

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