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Interview with Avail – Podcast 47

Posted by rich on January 30, 2007

So I don’t know if you noticed, but we were gone last week. Sorry, we have personal lives(not really but sort of) and we weren’t able to get a show up BUT I promise we’ll make it up to you. How? By giving you a rip roaring good time of an interview with everyone’s favorite native Virginians, Avail!

We sat down with Beau Beau to ask the important questions, why. Why hadn’t they come out west in 5 years? Why don’t they have a new album? Why does Beau Beau have that insane goatee? And we got answers!…To most of them. But even if it’s not super informative, it’s super fun. So enjoy, as you listen to Beau Beau and I freeze to death in the Santa Cruz winter.

No contest this week but two super important updates:
1) As we approach our 50th show we’d like to revamp the site. So if you, or someone you know, does graphics or logos let us know. You can even send us your ideas or logos (just make sure to include the price you want if we use it). We’re not shelling out Google money, but we do understand that you want to get paid for your work (even if we don’t).

2) Along with “upping the punx” we’ve upped our bit rate to a stunningly clear 128kbit/s. Now you can hear me mumble and swear in a whole new way.

So send us your logo ideas, or let us know what you think about our old and improved show, to, on Myspace or leave us a comment right here. See ya’ll next week and remember, sharing is caring.

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