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Interview with Only Crime – Podcast 48

Posted by rich on February 6, 2007

Happy first Tuesday of February! Did you enjoy the Super Bowl? Probably not unless you’re Payton Manning. Seriously, what a clusterfuck of a game. I’m not saying the Colts don’t deserve it but the Bears might as well of shined the Lombardi Trophy for the Colts.

Whatever, what really matters this week is hardcore punk with hardcore punks, namely Senior Russ Rankin of Only Crime. This guy has been involved in more awesome stuff than your sister in a three way with a clown and a painter (you heard right). So listen as we talk to Russ about his expansive punk rock career, his political leanings and what it’s like to play in a band where everyone asks you about the drummer.

Also, we have a chance to ENTER TO WIN!!! a copy of Only Crime’s new album, Virulence. All you need to do is listen to the last eight minutes (give or take) to learn our super easy entry rules, then you can impress your friends with you ability to win awesome free shit. As the saying goes, you can always hit us up at, MySpace and our comments section. And remember, I don’t like decaffeinated teabags.

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