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Interview with New Mexican Disaster Squad – Podcast 49

Posted by rich on February 13, 2007

So, it’s Valentines week, huzzah (by the way “huzzah” is in Microsoft spell check, weird)! Hordes of young lovers will be buying sweet nothings for each other, writing love poems and hooking up (hopefully leading to an unwanted pregnancy and a Maury Povich paternity test marathon). And, what better way to celebrate the season of love than with a new podcast featuring those barons of romance, New Mexican Disaster Squad. The name just says, “The Sexxy”.

We sit down with three of Orlando’s sexiest foursome to talk about everything from Richard Minino’s crazy artwork, to why they rock so hard live, and even the erotic, and taboo topic of piss bottles kept in a van while touring. It’s like everything you ever wanted to know about love, but never really thought about asking. PLUS, someone farts in the mic (too hot).

In addition, this week we host our most awesome ENTER TO WIN!!! ever! The New Mexicans totally hooked it up and we have two awesome giveaways that will make you,instantly, their biggest fan. Check it:
1 – Second place winner gets a limited edition New Mexican Disaster Squad silk screened print done by Richard of NMDS (limited 1 of 80)
1 – First place winner gets a huge New Mexican Disaster prize pack including; the above print, a copy of Don’t Believe on CD, a copy of the Don’t Believe 12″ (on white vinyl and a bonus track not on CD), and some stickers and a button. That shit is insane!

So, if you ever thought you might like New Mexican Disaster Squad, now is the time to find out, just listen to the last 8 minutes of the show to learn how to enter.

As always, feel free to drop us a line at, on MySpace, or under our comments section. We love to hear interesting opinions and always welcome ways to improve the show. Until next time remember, what ever happened to the Old Mexican Disaster Squad?

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